Nicky is a registered Nutritional Therapist and coach, she’s a wife, a Mum, a blogger at ‘Nicky For Life’ and she also has a corporate job too! With so many roles she understands how tricky it is to fit it all in and how becoming a Mum can change everything. Nicky works with clients teaching them how to look after themselves to regain their energy, become less stressed and can take control of their busy lives and their health.




Do you make time to eat?

Nicky Duffell




Last month I gave you some lunch inspiration but I know only too well as a Mum that its difficult to make the time to eat. We can skip meals altogether, snack on biscuits and crips instead of making time to eat a proper meal, pick of the kids plates after dinner and rely on sugar to keep us going. We can end up putting our kids before us when it comes to food, somehow we always manage to feed them, give them a good meal to keep them going, pack them off to school with a good breakfast to fuel them through the day.

Nicky Duffell Nutrition

Now I want you to put yourself, to start thinking about what you need in terms of eating well.

Take a moment to think about one change youd like to make and why youd like to make it.

Perhaps youd like more energy?

To feel less anxious and stressed (eating the right things can really help with this)?

To feel less bloated or uncomfortable after eating?

Just take a moment to pause – what is it youd like to change?

Here are some things to help you think about making time to eat.

Think nutrients not fat or calories

Weve been bought into a culture of fat and calories and this is misleading mainly because people avoid things like avocados because theyre high in fat and calories at the expense of the wonderful nutrients this fruit can give you. I eat a lot of avocados! So start thinking nutrients – when you choose something to eat, think about the nutrients its giving you to help your body function.

Make conscious choices

Become really conscious about your choices. Pause if you can before you eat to allow yourself to do it consciously and make that choice. We often eat mindlessly, opting for the same foods, take a moment.

Rest and digest

This may get a bit technical! There are two parts to our central nervous system the sympathetic, flight or flight part which many people are familiar with and also the parasympathetic also known as the rest and digest part of our nervous system. To absorb all of those vital nutrients we need be in the rest and digest state – so slowing down, taking time to eat is really important. I know this is easier said that done as a Mum, and I dont manage this all the time, but its good to be aware of it and again become conscious. Sometimes a few deep breathes before eating, or a simple pause can help you get into the best place to digest your food.

Eat on your own

Controversial I know. Yes its really important to eat as a family, to teach them how to eat and to eat at the table. But sometimes its about you. Sometimes you can feed your children and then have your meal later so that you can enjoy it, concentrate on it and eat well. When Sam was a baby I always had my lunch whilst he was napping. It was my sacred time and it meant that I could enjoy what I was eating without worrying about him.

Enjoy food

And lastly, but probably most importantly, take the time to enjoy your food. I love food and Im a big believer in truly enjoying it. So next time youre eating your favourite food, really focus on it and savour every mouthful – whether thats a nice meal or some lovely dark chocolate.

Nicky Duffell Nutrition