Post Natal Courses From Nurturing Mums

by Verity Hurd

It’s a pretty common thing when you find out your pregnant to start thinking about all the things to come over the next 9 months.

Body changes, baby development and of course that thing called giving birth. Its what generally consumes your mind especially that last one. How you are going to get the little one out?

Anti natal/NCT classes provide lots of information for just that, but really only that.

Then the baby arrives and you suddenly realise that there is so much more to this motherhood life.

As a first time Mum I found this new life very overwhelming. The emotional impacts and dealing with how to keep a baby alive can knock you for six. I didn’t really not what to do. I wasn’t sure when the baby should be sleeping, what to do to help his development, what was ‘normal’ for a baby and on top that, I didn’t know how to swaddle! Why do midwives just presume all new mums know that?! My point being is that once you get through the 9months of pregnancy, you are suddenly left with a million other aspects to learn.

The first few months of having a new born can also feel like it drags, but flys by in a hazy sleepy bewildered stage because before you know it, your baby is ready to start solids and you suddenly find yourself looking for new things to do to keep them entertained and help develop their new skills.

I came across Nurturing Mums through mama tribe. There message reads ‘nurturing mums are passionate about providing postnatal support that is helpful, non judgemental and sociable’ It gives you the chance to ask all those new mama questions to experts in a relaxed and sociable environment.

Covering sessions in sleeping, weaning, first aid and baby development. Hearing from experts in each industry, over 5 weeks with like minded Mums.

It sounded like exactly what I needed. With a 5month baby in tow I started my journey with nurturing Mums and will now always remember it as a bit of life saver. The guidance, knowledge and just simply getting me out the house has been priceless.

So, what happens?

We had a small group. 3 Mums and 3 babies including myself. We bonded easily and we were really fortunate to have such an intimate group with the experts. I can’t say what the size of what other groups might be, but the more Mums there are the more friends you make I suppose!

Meeting every week, with the first week being introductions. Not as awkward as it sounds, I promise. We ended sharing stories of birth and how we are feeling. I actually found it a bit of relief to say some of those things out loud. Talking about the birth and sharing real feelings with a group of women who just completely get it, is, well, good therapy.

Each week then follows with an expert coming in and chatting through their subject. Im not sure if each location has different experts but my experience is as follows:

First was First aid with baby safe training. Learning how to do CPR and what to do with a choking baby/toddler. It’s quite a hard hitting subject, and even though I’m pretty sure I’d go into a mental frenzy if it did ever happen, I know that deep down, in my head I have some skills now that might just make a difference.

Baby weaning was week 2 with Sam Perkins from happy eaters. We chatted about creating a happy and healthy attitude to eating.

Followed by sleep expert Kerry from Kerry cares parenting. Without a doubt this was probably the one session the other mums were most excited about. When you have a baby that wakes constantly in the night, having a baby sleep expert in front of you probably feels like Christmas! At the time, my little one had a great routine of sleeping through out the night. Wait. Before you pull a face or think smug Mum alert, he doesn’t sleep through now, so if I could get that hour back with Kerry, that would be great! Kerry is a paediatric sleep consultant with over 17 years experience. I for one never knew that role even existed! She had such a lovely approach, she really made you feel like there is no right way of doing things and what works for you, works, and she can help you find that way.

Baby development was the final week. We had an interactive session about how your baby changes month to month and what kind of activities you can do to help them along the way.

Amongst all this, there is a superb goody bag. We received a beautiful blanket from Mori and a professional photographer comes along one week and captures some natural pictures of you and your baby.

I’ve had such a positive experience with nurturing Mums, learnt lots, gained confidence and made friends. The best postnatal care I could have wished for.

Another testimony from my group:

‘The NM’s course was just what I needed after having my first baby and learning on the job! A chance to share the highs and lows, discover that other mums are going through the same things and to learn about things I knew nothing about like weaning and first aid, all over a much needed coffee in a lovely relaxing cafe. I looked forward to each session and am enjoying meeting up with the other mummies and growing babies for catch ups’ – Kate and Ted

Photo from care it out sleep consultant

Photo from care it out sleep consultant

Photo from Annelie Pop Photography

Photo from Annelie Pop Photography