Mixed Emotions About My Child Starting School


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This is a big topic for me as it’s a huge next step in my daughter Ava’s journey. In September she starts school. This week I popped into her new school to collect a welcome pack that was given out last week at a meeting we missed due to holiday and in it contained some documents and a little school tie. I looked down at it and felt both a mix of excitement and tears filling my eyes. How have we got to this stage?

An Array Of Feelings

I’ve had mixed emotions about school for quite a while. I do feel excited for her but at the same time I am scared about what is to come. School seems so big these days, there’s a lot of pressure on schools and teachers particularly to deliver results. They’re under funded, under staff and often over subscribed. Class sizes are huge now compared to when I went to school and the mix in with the digital age that is accessible to kids worries me. I know, that sounds funny coming for a digital marketing expert right? But I mean more in the sense of social media and the bullying that now happens through a screen. Bullies who used to give you evil eyes across the playground and maybe take your lunch money now upscale and abuse you behind a screen and often get more and more children joining in because they think it’s “cool” but don’t fully understand any of it.

Stepping Out Of The Bubble

When I think of Ava starting school this is probably my biggest worry as a parent because I’ve kept her in this little bubble for 4 years and now she is going to be out in the world more and I can’t protect her like I’ve been able to. She’s gone to preschool and is used to mixing with other children, but school seems so much bigger and scarier – for me. I think she will be fine. I’ve spoken to a number of parents who children are already at school and they’ve said how it’s much worse for us as parents than it is for the children and I can totally see that.

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The Next Phase

She is really excited and I keep my excited face up to 100% whenever I talk to her about school, because at the end of the day my fears aren’t hers and I don’t want her to pick up on it. This is such a big step in the next part of her adventure and I do look forward to her making new friends and also coming into her own. We have watched her develop into this amazing little person who is so funny, always making us life, so kind and caring and loves learning and this is her time to shine. She’s been our little star from the beginning so it will be nice for other people to see that too.

So far I have been really pleased with how the school has handled introductions and all the information we need to know because really you are left in the dark from the councils when actually having to choose these places. We’ve had a welcome pack, forms and next week she has attended her first stay and play session – argh! I think she will be love it.

Allowing Time To Process

I’ve also been given some advice about having some time off when she starts school, to give myself time to process all of this change and I thought that was really useful. Both my husband and I have booked the first day off and then I am going to take the rest of the week. We know that once she goes through those school gates we are heading to a cafe to have a tea, a HUGE slice of cake and a good cry at how we now have a 4 year old starting school. I love hearing from other parents on what you did to cope with the transition, any lessons you’ve learnt so if you do have any please do drop me a line via email or on Instagram.

I wish every parent luck this September with letting go of their little ones. We can do it and most importantly so can they. I have a feeling Ava will be teaching Paddy and I a thing or two.

Maxine x

Digital Bon Bons Maxine Kerley

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