Jade Martin

Mother of Pearl Marketing

Hi Jade,
Tell us about your business and the services you offer?

I’m a brand and marketing specialist helping biz’s, whatever their size, to attract their target audience, promote and grow their biz and drive sales and brand awareness through effective marketing. I understand how hard it is as a biz owner to juggle everything, you’re the MD and accountant, the Marketing Manager and Customer care team… hell, you’re even the tea maker! So, my objective is to make life for biz owners easier by doing their marketing for them.

This could be to review and define a new marketing strategy or refresh marketing communications; creating a marketing plan; brainstorming new ideas; writing promotional material or to carry out the regular marketing activity biz’s need (but don’t have the time to do) to promote the business and drive awareness/sales.

I also offer a number of packages aimed at small biz’s:

  • Marketing Plan: A clear marketing plan provides the guidance to scale, grow and promote a business. I create a clear actionable marketing plan enabling biz owners to kickstart their marketing activity and effectively promote their biz.
  • Creative Thinking Power Hour: I LOVE a good old brainstorming sesh! This session will squeeze in as many new ideas as possible into one hour, complete with a session summary.
  • Marketing Makeover: Marketing communications can become tired and have no cut through to the target audience, cue me and my marketing makeover. This includes an audit of current tactics and marketing communications; target audience and new marketing tactics defined; recommendations for new promotional and campaign messaging.
  • Brand Diagnostic: This is a deep delve into the heart of the brand. It includes a full brand audit identifying any issues and opportunities; identify the target audience; defining the brand essence and its USP; review and define the channel strategy and advising on the brand stretch. The end result – a clear brand strategy defining the brand values, USP, comms proposition and core values all reflected in a new channel strategy ready for execution across all marketing activity going forward.



How did you come up with the idea and what motivated you to go for it?

I have spent over a decade of my career working on leading consumer brands including GRAZIA, Heat, Closer and Heat Radio which I LOVED… Over the years I have grown brands and their platforms and developed their brand strategy… I have launched new brands and brand extensions… I lovingly crafted the copy for numerous radio scripts, social media campaigns, websites and print campaigns whether it be for a London Fashion Week Brand campaign or a partnership with Starbucks… And, over the years I’ve created numerous marketing plans and delivered campaign after campaign to drive sales and raise brand awareness.

But, it was after having my second child, I then gained a new life perspective and I sought a new way of working that enabled me to raise my children and still be around for the school run and Nativity plays whilst still being me and fulfilling my desire to work and do what I love. So then Ta-dah! that’s when Mother of Pearl Marketing was born.

What do you love about running your own business and what do you find hard?

I love the flexibility – being able to do what I love and makes my brain tick, around the school runs and being a Mummy. Although it does mean that I have to work some evenings to fit everything in which can be hard. I love working with my clients and making a difference to them and their business. One client recently said that I made marketing less scary for them, its so satisfying to know that my skills, knowledge and advice have helped.



What kind of BossMum are you and how do you manage the juggle?

Can I be an organised winger?!

I use my time wisely whilst the children at at school/nursery to carry out work for both my clients and myself… and this can sometimes roll into the evening once I’ve put the little ones to bed. Its never going to be easy. It always feels like there are not enough hours in the day, but I chose this juggle so that I can still be the one to do the school run and bath time, so I’m willing to wing it and juggle it every step of the way to try my very hardest to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Do you have a favourite app or work tool you think everyone should know about?

It’s no secret, I’m sure that everyone knows about it, but my favourite work tool is Canva. Its so easy to use to create great graphics for marketing material, especially for social media. I prefer the desktop version to the app though.


How do you define success?

Success to me is being both happy and making this work for me and my family long term. My business is still really new so I’m still working hard to build contacts and clients. For the short term, I would define success as me securing a new regular client – I like to be busy and I like the opportunity to do my happy dance!

What is a normal day in your life like?

I like to get up at 6am and sort myself out before my children (Pearl and George) wake up – usually by shouting “MUMMY!” at the top of their voices. Then its cuddles (warm, morning cuddles are the best!), breakfast get washed and dressed and out of the door at 8.15am for the school run. I try to go to the gym or for a run twice a week straight from the school drop off and then its back home where I work solidly, which usually involves discovery calls, creating a marketing plan for a business and writing and scheduling posts and blogs for my biz and my clients. I also spend some of my week working for Mama Tribe HQ doing Business Development.

My youngest, George, is currently at nursery three mornings a week so we always have two mornings a week together to do classes or go to the park which I just love, he starts school in 2021 so I am cherishing this time as it goes by so fast.

Then it’s back out and on the school run again for 2.45pm. Evenings are then a crazy mix of after-school clubs (some via zoom at the mo); homework; a quick play, dinner, bath and then bed for the kids. If I’m not feeling too shattered after all that I will log on and do a bit more work and then its chill out time with Mr M and whatever Netflix has to offer us… maybe with a cheeky glass of red – very rock ‘n’ roll!


What is your favourite Social Media platform and how has it helped in your success?

I love Instagram. Its a great way to connect with new and potential clients and also a great channel to showcase who you are and your personality.


What was your dream job growing up?

Well, as a child I dreamt of becoming a pop star, but that was never going to happen as I can’t sing a note! Then at Uni it was my dream to work on heat magazine. I don’t think that I was too fussed about what it would be doing, all I knew was that was my favourite magazine and I wanted to work on it! Lucky for me my dream came true when I became the brands Senior Marketing Manager.


Tell us 3 facts about you…
  1. I share the same Birthday as Kylie Minogue (which I thought was a super cool fact at the age of 8!)
  2. I sang Happy Birthday to Beyonce whilst on my honeymoon!
  3. I’m addicted to shoes. I’m currently obsessed with chunky black boots (’tis the season!) and trainers
What do you enjoy most about being a part of Mama Tribe?

I love being a part of a community of like-minded women all supporting each other. I also enjoy working for Danni at Mama Tribe HQ, her passion and drive is inspiring.


Thanks for giving us an insight into life behind Mother of Pearl Marketing Jade, we love having you as a Member of the Tribe.

Danni x
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