Hello! I’m Claire Whitehouse, founder of MamaClub. MamaClub was born mainly out of the frustration I felt as a new mum (with a background in corporate learning design and facilitation) that there seemed to be very little self development out there for mums. Motherhood is an amazing journey full of joy, and it can also be challenging. As mamas we experience changes bigger than most things in life, yet I struggled to find high quality learning and development that could help me to navigate my way through it in a way that left me feeling empowered and strong.

What does MamaClub do?

We offer insightful learning for curious mamas!
MamaClub delivers the latest in learning specifically for mums – workshops on topics mamas tell us they struggle with; from dealing with everyday feelings of guilt, to building our confidence to achieve our career goals, to managing our energy levels to be the best mamas we can be. The stuff that will make a real difference to your life!

We also host brilliant events where mamas can get together and enjoy some time out!

MamaClub believes in being the best mama I can be through first spending time on me.
We aim to bring together mums at each and every stage of their motherhood journey to learn and share in a fun, open and non judgmental environment.

Check our website for details!

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