Mother Hen Club

About Mother Hen Club

Mother Hen Club is a support community for mums & mums-to-be.

We host mummy workshops, classes and retreats all over Essex, London & Hertfordshire providing local mums a support & friendship network close to home.

We are here to aid every type of mum, whether they need some advice, help, support or guidance, or just a little bit of “me” time! Our club is the perfect place to share your thoughts openly and honestly.

Our classes & workshops help to provide mummy’s with direction on so many topics from breastfeeding to post natal depression, loneliness, weaning and birthing options.

Our goal is to help as many mummy’s as possible get together to look out for one another and share their personal experiences, thoughts and ideas. We want all of our mums to feel amazing, and to be reassured that they aren’t going through this journey alone!

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