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We love cooking as a family and we love spending time in the kitchen together, bouncing ideas off each other
and experimenting with new recipes all the time, but most of all we like to eat good homemade food.

Being Italian, I grew up in a house where we always sat together to eat around a table, chatting, laughing, sometimes shouting at each other, but always together. I was adamant we were going to do the same with our little girl. When Ali was born, it was just an obvious choice for us, to follow down the baby led weaning path when it came to introducing food and we decided that we would introduce her to cooking as quickly as possible.

That is how Mummy’s Little Chef started, spending time in the kitchen as a family, teaching our little girl how to wash food, whisk, chop and taste different ingredients whilst playing with new textures and shapes. We were having so much fun that we decided to share our ethos, passion and skills with you all.

Owned by
Marta Conte

Upcoming Events

Tribal Gatherings - Mama Tribe Social Collabs

Hosted by: Mummy’s Little Chef
Location: SE9
Start: 2018-10-20 at 20:00
End: 2018-10-20 at 23:00
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Its free to attend, but there is only room for 25 guests, so to attend please follow the link below; This event is in collaboration with Marta Conte owner of Mummy's Little Chef and our new Scout Kerrie.

Welcome Prosecco
Introduction from Mummy's Little Chef
More Prosecco & Canapes
Cooking Demo by Mummy's Little Chef
Goodie Bags
Members and non members are welcome to attend.

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