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Niki founded The Simplicity Concept in order to teach female founders how to grow brilliant businesses, make more money and live a life of freedom.

Before setting up her businesses Niki spent her career working as a Strategic Planner within ad agencies and launched Step It Up Dance in 2012, followed by The Simplicity Concept in 2017. But it hasn’t always been plain sailing.

Niki has the utmost respect for anyone who has blazed a new path, created something from nothing and begun to scale a business as she knows first-hand just what a challenge that can be! Her experience growing a now hugely successful local brand gives her a unique perspective and insights which she is perfectly placed to share with her clients.

What can Niki help you with?
Developing a clear, consistent brand l How to position yourself and your business for success l Understanding your target audience l Efficient systems l Building your personal brand l Is franchising right for your business? l Learning to love selling … and many more.

Niki loves Ibiza, skiing fast down mountains with her kids, drinking hot chocolate and the odd date night with her husband. Join her FREE community:

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Niki Hutchison

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