Our Sparkly New Business Adventure

by Haley

The Fox Fairies


Hello! It’s so great to be back at Mama Tribe!

So much has happened since I last submitted a blog post here that I feel I should give you a little overview on what we have been up to at Foxfairy HQ.

If you have been following us for a while now you will know we have been on a mega journey. Two years ago I created our Instagram Fox Fairy Twins where I captured our twin life adventures. When my babies Beatrice and Francis turned six months old, I was thrilled to finally start their weaning journey. I chose to pursue baby led weaning as I particularly liked the independence little ones develop during this time. I started sharing what I was serving them throughout this time and as I did, my audience regularly were requesting our recipes. Flattered, I started sharing them on my Instagram posts and stories.


As time went on and our audience grew…

…I knew the time had come to break away from sharing our personal adventures online. However I wanted to maintain the fabulous community that we had built up over the couple of years so decided to take a huge leap and change the focus of our Instagram page (GULP!). I honestly lost sleep over this.

Changing your audience is a really scary thing – it’s like you’re the girl in school who is well established and has her group, to suddenly being in a room full of strangers. Would people stay around? Would they be interested in our new style posts? Would we be welcomed in a new community?

The day had finally come and it was time to announce our big news. Butterflies burst through my tummy as I posted *the* post that would explain our change of direction to our new page of baby led weaning recipes. I stopped breathing as I pressed ‘share’ …


We have had a fabulous makeover and are now Foxfairy led weaning – a place where you can find simple, nutritious recipes suitable for babies from 6m+.

The response was *UNBELIEVEABLE*! People were so incredibly kind about why we were changing and equally excited to see what our new content was going to be on our sparkly new page. It was wonderful to feel people were just as excited as we were about our new adventures.


The juggle is real

Now, although I was back to work full time in my job in education, I had also been busy behind the scenes of Foxfairy led weaning since launching our new page. I had begun developing our very own pack of weaning recipe cards and I cannot express *HOW* hard it is to juggle full time work, being a twin mama, life admin, relationships AND start up a business.

Working until 1am or getting up at 3am to ‘hustle’ outside of my demanding job was a tough gig. I had to learn how to create the card designs, develop the recipes, capture the photos, develop a relationship with a local printers to get the quality just right, redesign – redesign – redesign, back to the drawing board on many occasions, order stock to trial what the final product would look like, take a crash course (via YouTube!) on how to set up a code for the payment button for people to purchase our cards, set up a dedicated area in our flat to store our stock etc etc…it was a crazy few months.

Launch day

BUT we finally got to launch day! I was so nervous to put our weaning cards out there. Sharing with the world what you have been working so hard on makes you feel quite vulnerable and exposed. You hope they will be well received…

I only ordered 20 packs of our weaning cards to start with as it wasn’t too much money to lose if only family and friends bought them from me (ha!) or I thought I could give them away as Christmas presents if they didn’t sell (haaaa!). However, they sold out so quickly that I was on my email an hour into launching requesting our printers to print more stock ASAP as I had all of these orders flying in!! Of course there was a huge buzz with it being brand-sparkly new but it was such an incredible and humbling experience. People were willing to part from their hard-earned money to own a pack of our weaning recipes – wow.

So here we are now...

…side hustling my tiny little business of fabulous weaning recipe cards outside of working full time, being a twin mama and all of the other life responsibilities we all have. BUT I am having a ball! I feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to share our baby food inspiration. Of course my brain does not stop and I have other exciting ideas that I would like to pursue in the future…watch this space!!

Check out our ultimate collection of baby led weaning recipes at www.thefoxfairies.com

Haley x


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