Taking my company in a new and unexpected direction!

by Laura

Pop and Punch


Overthinking and unexpected direction

I’ve sat down to write some new blog content so many times over the last few months, and every time I’ve ended up walking away. I was having a blank moment, wondering what I wanted to say and what people wanted to read about. I was over thinking it, something I often do, a habit I’m trying to teach myself to let go of. Although, that is far easier said than done!

We’ve recently decided to take our online shop in a different direction, and this left me feeling lost, unsure and forced me to reach out for help. Something I know I don’t often do, it made me realise a virtual assistant could take a huge weight off my mind, by simply doing a couple of my marketing emails a month for me. I also reached out to a business owner and had a Power Hour chat, with the fab founder of Mama Tribe, Danni, which really made me be able to voice the concerns, iron out the kinks in my mind and give me the focus on our new direction.

All this collaboration with incredible strong, knowledgeable women has helped to lift me up and give me the courage to take this step, add a branch to our website. As business owners in a world where consumers are being more and more conscious about that they spend their money on, the story behind brands, and that more often than not, people want to buy from people they trust and feel they have a relationship with, it is scary to step away from what is your norm and what works for you.


What exactly is this new direction?

Well, we’ve decided to branch into the younger children’s market from being purely interiors products for children age six upwards, and are now going to be offering gifts, toys, amazing products from newborn to pre teen. Off to a big trade show in Paris we went, and we came away buzzing with ideas, new brands and ideas. I am really excited by all these new brands and our new branch, it’s made me fall in love with interiors in a whole new way, so many of our products now to see you through from newborn to your own grown up space.




We’ve sourced incredible and exciting products that are not only beautiful, but are design to be heirlooms, passed down though siblings and cousins, on to your own children. Tactile, fun, beautiful and well designed, these were all the things that made me fall in love with interior design over a decade ago. Brands with integrity and each with their own story. Products designed to make you think twice, buy once and cherish before you pass them on for more memories to be made.



With all this in mind…

… we’ve finally started to finish our toddlers bedroom update, from when we first started it to now, Poppy has changed to much. She now loves to play in her room, put her dolls to bed and shut us all out while she looks after her toys, she’s becoming a glitter covered toy boy. (Send help and an amazing vacuum cleaner please!) I am beyond excited to finally get her room finished and photographed, then I’ll be able to show you all.

For now we have to patiently wait for stock to be made, deliveries to arrive and well, for me to hunt the iron and ironing board down so the bedding doesn’t look crumbled. Crumpled is the definitely the look we go for at the moment!




We know that everyone one of the products we sell, we would have in our own home, most we do have. Our teepees fold away into their own storage bag, and slides under a sofa, ta da!!! We have our adult space back in just minutes, toys are in baskets that blend in with our décor, and Poppy’s bedroom and play area décor matches her personality but still looks stylish and suits our home too. This is what well thought out design is, something must also be practical and useful before it is beautiful, otherwise it will not help you in your home.



I know this is probably not the most exciting blog post you’ve read this week, or even month, but this is how we have progressed and changed to grove our customers what they are asking for, while still holding on to our values and ethos.


Laura x

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