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Lisa of Little Beanies



Little Beanies captured Evelyn and her family at just 10 days new. She was still so so tiny. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a session within the first 2 weeks like many photographers request. It doesn’t matter to me. I like to think the newborn stage is anywhere up to 12 weeks. Every stage is amazing. I never wanted mine to grow up.

It was so lovely seeing these guys as a 4. Thank you so much Heidi and Andrew. I loved getting to know William and Evelyn on the session.

Take it away Heidi….

Why did you  choose to have a shoot?

It was really important for us to capture the early weeks of our life becoming a family of four. We remembered when our first child William was born how quickly time goes (everyone tells you how fast they grow up but you don’t really believe them at the time!). Also we were shortly about to move house and were keen for Evelyn to be able to look back at memories of her first home.

How has life changed as parents of two?

We feel so incredibly lucky to have a girl and a boy, one of each; our family feels complete. Life is certainly a lot busier now with two little one’s and leaving the house feels like a military operation but we wouldn’t change it for the world. Its lovely watching William play with his sister and the close bond they already have.

How  did you feel the session  went?

We met Lisa when we both attended a hypno-birthing course when we were pregnant with William. It was really important for us to feel comfortable during the session and as we knew Lisa beforehand this ensured we felt completely relaxed and at ease. Lisa has young children herself so she completely understands family life and photo shy toddlers who like to run off and play, she was so patient and really engaged with William to capture some amazing moments.

We were so happy with how the session went and have such lovely images of our first times as a family of four.

Thank you Lisa!

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