How you can optimize eCommerce to drive sales

by Veronica



How you can optimize eCommerce to drive sales

For mumpreneurs when launching an online business, the most important thing is to drive customers to the website, otherwise why would you invest so much on a site, add payment methods, dedicate to your business 100% to balance work and motherhood, etc. if no one is landing there to finalise a purchase.

Well, this is for you. You can easily increase eCommerce sales by following a few best practice guidelines based on a study run through several retailers sites across the world. It’s no secret that online shopping is becoming the preferred way for consumers to purchase anything. But are you converting visitors into buyers? the average cart abandonment rate is 69.89% based on a study by Bayard Institute. Read to know if you are ticking all the boxes for eCommerce success.



1. Are you offering free shipping?

I know, you are investing in the site, products, marketing plus you need to cover shipping?!

Well not necessarily for everything, if this isn’t a suitable choice offer free shipping on orders that meet a minimum spend, that way you would be also getting increased order values. More than 50% of people that would land on your site will not finalise the check out given the extra costs of shipping.


2. Do people have “Checkout as a guest option”?

For the love of sales, do not require shoppers to create an account in order to make a purchase. 37% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart because of this.



3. Do you showcase how trustworthy your buisness is?

By simply adding reviews, customer feedback and 5-star rating system, it will put up for consideration. Show your customer proof that you have been doing this for a while and this is your area of expertise.



4. Easy to find easy to buy 

So you have worked hard on your site, you have an excellent SEO strategy and when people go to search engines they find you easily, however, is your product easy to buy?

The ordering experience must be simple and short. Try not to require extra steps from the buyer, marketing questions like “where do you hear from us?” leave until the end and make it optional. I know that understanding the source of your sales will help you improve your advertising experience but people find this a bit annoying.

Auto-filled forms, I cannot stress more about this. – Offer the most known payment methods, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc. – Breakdown the cost and provide final total costs and clearly state tax, fees, shipping, etc.


5. Timely delivery 

Provide options for delivery, fast track or standard. Once they make a purchase follow up with the email stating timings, follow up once it has been shipped, then once it has been received.



6. You must have a friendly return policy process 

Easy but sometimes some brands miss this one out. Obviously, you don’t only want only one purchase from one person, you want them to come back, so provide a friendly process for them when they want to return a product. Offer free returns within a period, this can boost confidence on your customers.


Veronica x