What To Pack On An Average Day With A Toddler?

by Elouise

The Andrews



Packing the essentials

I have found that once I got rid of the baby change bag as Harley got older it was a bit of trial and error to see what I actually needed to take with me on days out, and I forgot a lot of essentials a lot of the time! It’s hard making that transition because you still use so many items, but because you’re thinking of things like food and drink instead of bottles and muslin’s, you tend to forget about a lot of the “important stuff”.

Here’s a list of my must haves for a day out with a busy two year old!



As many as possible, the more the better! A good snack can help diffuse a situation, distract them or bribe them to keep your sanity.


The amount of times I’ve had to wipe Harley’s face with a baby wipe which he then inhales and cries about it a nightmare and then his nose is wet which when it’s cold outside feels horrible!

Spare clothes! 

I literally must have thought that as soon as you don’t have poonamis and projectile, that your child doesn’t need spare clothes, how wrong I was. This is probably the most important thing to pack, random sickness, food/drink spillages, mud, puddles, you name it, toddlers are attracted to mess and dirt!


Always! They’re the most versatile item you will own! I even have a packet in my own bag just in case!


It’s amazing what a wipe and a plaster can do to a grazed knee or cut finger, magical!


Toddlers burn off energy like I’ve never seen! And they sweat to match it. I always make sure H has a large drink when we go out, although I have to prompt regular drinks breaks, much to his annoyance!


Books, iPads, puzzles, cars, dinosaurs, colouring, anything that will buy you a few minutes peace whilst shopping/eating/queuing is highly recommended. We usually pack an entirely separate bag for this!



Hopefully these ensure that some of you don’t have as many forgotten item disasters as I have! These toddlers need almost as much stuff as a newborn, maybe more!

Happy toddling

Elouise x


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