Must Have Photo Moments This Christmas

With The Family.

by Lisa

Little Beanies


Photo Moments 

As a lifestyle photographer specialising in just bumps, newborn babies, babies and families, I of all people know how important it is to capture the real life moments. This is especially important with tiny ones as they change so so quickly.

Each year they become a year older and how lovely would it to look back at these times together. As much as I would love to be available to capture all these moments for you, both you and I know that’s impossible over the Christmas period so that’s when your handy camera phone comes in! It’s with you all the time after all.

The cameras on our phones now are even better than some of the cameras you can buy. Here are my top 5 family photos to get over the festive period. So go on and get stuck in:


Photo 1: Popping the star or angel on the top of the tree

Some of you may have already put your trees up by now, but that’s ok. I always say better late than never. Make this a momentous moment and you can always lift them up and get that moment again. Just remember to capture it next year. I love looking back at my Dad lifting me up and popping the final touch onto the tree.


Photo 2: Kids by the tree

This is an absolute must. Most people, if in the same home year after year, tend to put the Christmas tree up in the same place. Try and get the kids to stand in the same line, so you can easily look back and see how they have changed. The Christmas tree decorations will also change over time I imagine, as the DIY homemade ones become less and less. Ha ha! Although I do love them.


Photo 3: The one with all the family together.

Now I appreciate this can be quite hard but if you just put in 5 mins to try and get this you will be so happy that you did. To look back on these memories over the years is great fun. The best time I would recommend is just before you tuck in to your turkey! Yep I know you’ll be starving but it really is the best time and the photographer or chef may even still be sober!! If needed you can buy a selfie stick for next to nothing on Amazon.


Photo 4: When the kids first see Father Christmas has been

As we all know this will not last forever. Christmas is about the kids after all. I am also a believer in seeing the moment for yourself instead of behind the camera but if you can get it, then this is a great shot you can look back on. If you are not feeling steady handed or scared you may just miss that moment through your excitement then maybe video it instead.


Photo 5: Your immediate family

Are you the one reading this and always the one taking the actual photo’s but you never get to be in them? Well be selfish for a few moments and ask someone else to take a picture of your family. Yes just your family. This is so important as you are busy doing everything else. If there’s an opportunity to go outside with your Christmas jumpers on whilst it’s still light then even better as sometimes it can be a little dark inside. You won’t regret it!


I do hope you enjoy capturing the moments. These are really simple photos to take with little thinking required but I just hope this helps you document these special times in your lives. I absolutely love doing what I do and I totally appreciate that getting a professional photographer to capture your family can be difficult especially when our lives are so busy but please download these handy tips to help you do it yourself.

If you would like more information or would like to book a session with Little Beanies Photography and capture your family in a relaxed at home setting or on a location of your choice for 2019 then please do get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you.

Please have a look around my website for more photos and see my style of work.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Much Love

Lisa x


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