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I’ve been following Claire for a while now, because I think she is an inspirational Women in business and I love how she’s turned her passion and experience in to a fast growing business.

Claire has a five year old son called Mason and a large flat coated retriever dog Archie and they’ve recently moved to Nottingham.  playHOORAY! is a social media community for playful parents with babies and young children where you can find support, advice and ideas hosted by Early Years Specialist Claire. Alongside this playHOORAY! also has an online shop offering playPROMPTS activity cards and other products that will get the kids playing!


I’m thrilled to feature her today on Mama Tribe. Read her interview below…


Hi Claire,

Tell us about your career journey that led you start up your own business
It was never my intention to start a business I was simply taking a break from teaching to focus on my baby. However living away from family and friends I soon realised the days at home with a baby were lovely but often long and rather lonely. Being an Early Years Specialist I was fortunate to have my experience of play and child development to rely on and used it to add purpose and routine to my day. I began to share my simple play activities on social media and they quickly grew in popularity. Little did I know I was making steps towards starting a business.
What sparked the idea for your business?
As the online community was growing, I decided to share my playPROMPTS and see if anyone would be interested. I actually made them for myself to use at home with Mason as I was always surviving on no sleep. They were simple play ideas jotted down that I could pull out and flick the kettle on to keep my baby entertained and allow me to sit down!! I never intended to sell them, they were just for me to use at home. Then on a whim I shared the to my small online following to see if anyone would be interested…and they were! Since that day I have gone on to write, design and create over 30 packs of playPROMPTS catering for a variety of ages and themes of play. Later this year I will also be launching the playPROMPTS APP!
What challenges have you faced as a startup and how did you overcome them?
I think my main challenges have been trying to do everything myself. So often I feel like an amateur but I’m quickly learning that’s how a lot of other small business owners feel too. I’ve learnt to ask for help and reach out to others. No question is a silly question and it’s always worth a try!
How do you manage the Mumboss juggle?
hmmmmm…I think this is ongoing and not sure I’ve cracked it yet! I am fortunate that my work is flexible around my family and that my family appreciate my work. There are days when my little boy has had to entertain himself on my office floor as I work or had to come to the post office with me and that’s ok. It is a juggle but I believe it is showing him what hard work, dedication and passion is like in real life.
Finding ‘me’ time as a Mum is hard, how do you make time for yourself?
Yep I’m not great at this I have to confess. Walking the dog is probably the only time I really get to myself. I have also made a resolution to read more and so have been making the effort to find time to read and think. I adore family time, walks out to a country pub is my absolute favourite!
Whats your favourite business tool / resource / app?
Instagram is my everything. The majority of my community are here, it’s where I can broadcast live every weekday and chat to my audience and where I can offer support through DM’s. I am also very careful who I follow on there and make sure my feed is full of inspirational accounts.
What advice would you give to anyone setting up or growing their business?
Make sure it’s something you’re really passionate about because you’re going to be living and breathing it!
Mama Tribe is all about community, connection and collaboration. Are there any great businesses you want to share with the Tribe, or Women in business you think we should be following?
I adore Ruth from The Little Black and White Book Project, Kate from A Year of Dates and Emma from Little Hotdog Watson

Thanks so much Claire, it was so great to hear a bit about your business and motherhood journey. Danni x

Claire has also just released a book, check it out HERE

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