Beyond The Grid – Instagram for Business Course


Gain a healthy Instagram following while increasing traffic, leads and sales for your business in just 40 days (without feeling overwhelmed). 6 module course including running Instagram ads in-app.

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  • Get noticed

    By new people who like what you do and want to follow you.

  • Create content

    Create meaningful content that makes your audience want to engage.

  • Be brave

    Produce creative and brave content in a variety of formats quickly and easily (including videos, lives & IGTV). With advice on which apps make the most impact and how to use them (including filters).

  • Find your voice

    Find your authentic voice and create a community of loyal followers.

  • Boost income

    Boost your income by converting your audience into customers & increasing your sales and leads.


Module 1

Setting up the right way for success

Deciding that you want to use Instagram to grow your business, we’ll dive straight into what makes a great account and why they succeed. How are they targeting their audience to be noticed among the rising number of accounts?
We’ll identify who your audience is, make sure your account is set up properly and develop a profile that focuses on getting your audience to take notice. You will feel confident that when someone lands on your profile they will be interested enough to find out more about you, leading them to make a connection.

Module Highlights:

  • The rise of Instagram and how it’s become so popular
  • Discovering your target audience and where they are hiding
  • Business v Personal feed and how to make the switch
  • How to develop a bio that gets found, stands out and informs
  • Facilitating calls to action using the features on offer
Module 2

The Feed that gets noticed

The grid is still a very important part of your Instagram account. Knowing what to post, when and how will form the backbone of your account. Exploring the options of styles, formats and filters will give you the edge over many other similar accounts on Instagram. You can stand out on Instagram and I will show you the options available to you and breakdown what is more successful and why.

Module Highlights:

  • Layout options to create a grid that looks consistent and gets noticed
  • What format options are available and when they work best
  • How to plan your posts in the most time efficient way
  • What to post to gain interest from current and potentially new followers
  • Which apps to use to enhance your photography
  • Which apps to use to produce creative video content and saves you time
Module 3

Copy that Converts

Instagram started off as a place to share photos, then the opportunity to add copy was introduced to enhance or provide context to the images. This module is where we’ll explore how to use captions on Instagram to generate interest and engagement.

Module Highlights:

  • Long v short copy
  • How to drive engagement
  • Using collections to facilitate who to engage with, including key influencers
  • When, why & how you should tag others
  • Hashtag strategy to inspire, engage and encourage community
  • DM to success
Module 4

Instagram Stories

Stories have become an important part of any Instagram strategy for very good reason. There are certain features that should always be used to generate fast growth, which need not take much time to implement. Looking at how to create a story worth watching & engaging with is our focus for this module.

Module Highlights:

  • The rise of Instagram Stories and why they’ve become so popular
  • How to make Stories that your audience wants to see
  • Which features to use
  • How to drive engagement
  • Using hashtags to be discovered
  • The importance of using story highlights
  • Being confident with Lives
  • All about the DMs

Module 5

IGTV & Metrics

IGTV is recently become an important part of any IG strategy. This lesson will give you the tools and confidence to excel with IGTV, setting you apart from the competition.
Instagram has lots of valuable information about your followers. Reflecting on your efforts using the right tolls and looking at the right insights to improve your results, is important on any social media platform. This module will show you what numbers to take notice of, how to record them and how to improve them. Giving you maximum opportunity to grow your account fast.

Module Highlights:

  • Using IGTV and creating thumbnails for your videos.
  • Which metrics should you take notice of
  • Recording and comparing results
  • How to use what you discover to improve your offerings on Insta
  • Software outside of Instagram to gain further data to inform your future decisions

Module 6

In-app Instagram Ads

Instagram have very recently implemented features to enable those unfamiliar with Ads Manager to have success with paid ads. Using paid ads to boost your organice growth really can drive traffic, leads & sales very quickly. Here is where I give you secrets as an Instagram & Facebook Ads Strategist in using Instagram ads which get results quickly both on the feed and in Stories.

Module Highlights:

  • The anatomy of a high performing ad (Feed & Stories)
  • Writing copy that converts
  • Tools to produce your creatives
  • Audience targeting
  • Ad Strategy
  • Analysing and optimising your ads using Ads Manager

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