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Small Business Promotion

BE SEEN by our dedicated followers that have subscribed to receive our monthly eZine

Low cost, Low risk, Small business promotion

By purchasing a slot in the eZine to promote your biz, you’ll be able to reach our growing subscriber list and readers wanting to receive a monthly instalment of all things Mama Tribe vibe!

We have 10 spaces per issue available.
The monthly booking option is for the issue going out on the last Thursday of each month. You can book up to 3 months in advance.

Communication regarding the eZine;


Choose the month you want to be featured in, enter the required information and proceed to checkout


Once you have paid and completed checkout, you will receive your eZine booking confirmation. Your confirmation email will contain a link to the form where you upload and submit your advert content. This is how you will provide us with your advert image and text. It is your responsibility to complete the form and submit it 7 days before your advert is due to go out, on the last Thursday of the month you have booked.

Failure to submit your content in time, will mean you will lose your advert slot. We do not offer refunds for missed slots.


Product images must be on a white backdrop OR a clean, uncluttered styled image

Head shots or images of people must be good quality, well lit and uncluttered. We might edit the image to be black and white

Graphics must be clean designs, clear and good quality. You can create an advertorial graphic in canva, as they are effective.

You must provide a high quality square, 1:1 image. This must be a graphic or product image and include any call to action text.

You must have copyright or approval to use the image

You will need to provide a link for your advert. Clicking on the graphic or link button will send subscribers through to your chosen location; website, shop, booking page etc

You will need to let us know what link button text you want

For communication regarding the eZine please contact: Natalia – hello@cleardeskva.co.uk

*Mama Tribe may reject and refund a booking if it doesn’t comply with our advertising terms or fit with our brand ethos.


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