Lavender and Amethyst soy wax candle


Lavender and Amethyst soy wax candle by Crystabelles.

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Lavender and Amethyst

Contains pure lavender essential oil

Lavender is a great relaxation scent. It reduces anxiety and stress.
Its also good at lowering mood swings and PMT. Lavender is also beneficial to the respiratory tract – it helps clear during coughs and colds.

Lavender and Amethyst is a brilliant duo for encouraging a natural sleep.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone.
It promotes calm, peace and balance. It also helps to heal after personal losses and grief.
It’s a brilliant one if you find yourself in situations where you are unsure of how to take action because of your emotions.
Amethyst will help you build the skills to critically analyse emotions, appreciate their worth and then choose whether to act on them, or to acknowledge them, and then set them aside instead.
Amethyst will assist emotional, spiritual and physical detoxifying.

£15.00 Medium size burns for 35 hours approximatly

£20.00 Large size burns for 55 hours approximately

Made with 100% pure sustainable soy wax and the highest quality fragrance oils. Hand poured in Oxfordshire.


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