Short and Snappy Blog Copy Package


A short and snappy blog post aimed at driving web traffic to a particular service or product, ghost-written by Natalia from Clear Desk VA.

Sold By: Natalia Sanders


The Short and Snappy Blog Copy Complete Package offers you:

  • one on brand blog post of 500-600 words written in your brand’s tone of voice by me, Natalia, Clear Desk VA;
  • a short and snappy blog post, by which I mean a blog post that is really aimed at driving web traffic to a particular service or product. Perhaps you have something you want to highlight or draw attention to; maybe you’re offering an opinion or marketing a new line. Whichever, this shorter blog post package is ideal for you if you need to boost your copy and grab your ideal audience’s attention;
  • as with all of my blog packages, all research will be carried out and included, which means key words for your SEO and topic;
  • one blog post that you can re-use and re-purpose the content for your social media campaigns;
  • one set of amendments included;
  • from start to finish, the blog post will be ready for you to upload to the back end of your website and all you’ll need to do is source an image an hit ‘publish’; lovely stuff
  • accurate, professionally-written copy that will support your business and promote you to your readers.

This is a stand-alone service that can be purchased online and, once purchased, you will be contacted to arrange a chat about content and we will create a plan, with key dates, for the post to be written.

As ever, I am a huge supporter of flexible working and office times may vary at busy times (the juggle is real!). I will always endeavour to get your blog post complete within two weeks but it needs to be perfect and, sometimes, duration may affect that.


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