Digital Bon Bons

Digital Bon Bons launched in 2016 with a key focus in mind – helping parent business owners achieve their digital goals. Providing a variety of online services from website design & build to social media strategy, email marketing and more, Digital Bon Bons wants to help you reach the customers you want – parents and little ones.

Founded by Maxine Kerley, she has over 7 years experience in digital marketing having worked for fashion brands to utilities companies. Her passion however is the family sector and since becoming a mum herself in 2014 this has only grown. Combining her two passions, Digital Bon Bons was launched.

Maxine recognises that starting a business is a huge leap (she’s done it herself) and knowing where to begin with digital marketing is hard. What social platforms do I join? How do people find my website?

This is why with Digital Bon Bons she wants to understand your business, your goals, your challenges and then look at the solutions. How much of your website traffic is coming from mobiles? Is your site optimised for mobile and responsive – no – let’s solve that.

The digital world is fast paced, constantly moving and evolving. It’s definitely not something to go into lightly and thinking of the long game is a key part. Digital Bon Bons wants to help your business develop and grow within the digital landscape. Let’s do it!



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