Find Me

Do you get up many times a night to soothe your baby? Are you fumbling around to find a dummy in the dark? A Find Me baby comforter could be the solution you need.

The beautiful Find Me baby comforter looks after your baby’s dummy.

It helps your baby find their dummy themselves if they drop it. And with their dummy secure, your baby will be encouraged to stay settled for longer.

Our Story

Our first born was a bad sleeper (aren’t they all?) we tried lots and lots of things to help him sleep and it seemed like nothing worked. White noise, black out curtains, dream feeds, no bright lights, no eye contact and the rest! After about a year we created our own tool to help us.

Our little boy loved his dummy but once he fell asleep at night the dummy would pop out. He would wake up often and get upset when he couldn’t find it. One of us would get out of bed to help him but then we struggled to find his dummy in the cot, in the dark.

Determined to help him – and us – we crafted a solution

Our very simple idea was to sew a ribbon onto his baby comforter, which then fastened to his dummy. The comforter didn’t get very far from him when he slept, so he could quickly find it along with the dummy fastened by that clever ribbon.

He became very attached to his Find Me comforter, cuddling it through the day and keeping it close by at nap times.

We want you to reap the same benefits as us. We want everyone to get a better night’s sleep!

The FindMe is made from Super-soft velboa and is safety tested and complies with British Standard EN 71 (1, 2 & 3).

P.S Did you know that we donate a percentage of our profits to ‘ACTION FOR CHILDREN’ charity?





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