Mamas Collective

Mamas Collective Manchester run workshops, events and meetups for mums who love their kids but refuse to let motherhood hold them back.

Founded back in late 2015, our group’s proved especially popular with mat-leave mamas in search of something much more stimulating than your average mum and baby group, as well as new friends that can offer support and lend a listening ear when it comes to all that motherhood stuff that’s tougher to talk about.

Mamas Collective events take place around once every six weeks, usually in Manchester city centre, and we’ve previously welcomed speakers including Anna Whitehouse (aka Mother Pukka), Zoe de Pass (aka Dress Like a Mum), Hollie de Cruz (aka The Yes Mum Mum), Carrie Anne Roberts (aka Mere Soeur) and Sarah Turner (aka The Unmumsy Mum).

Our meetups are super relaxed and almost all are kid-friendly too, so there’s no worries about having to draft in a babysitter/random toddler meltdowns/whopping out a boob at feeding time.

Here at Mamas Collective Manchester, motherhood unites us, but it doesn’t define us. If, like us, you believe that making the effort to stay stylish, remain ambitious and pursue your passions only makes you a better mum, then you’ll fit right in!

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