Manc Mamas

Manc Mamas are three Manchester-based mums with three very different professions, but one shared interest; making the return to the workplace after maternity leave easier for women. Between us, we’ve found solace and support in the return to work journey and continue to do so in the ongoing battle for work/life balance.

Out of all this, Manc Mamas, our sixth baby, was born. Our aim is to host meet-ups and events to ‘network, inspire, collaborate and empower’. Our key regular event, the Working Mums’ Club, is held in Manchester city centre and include presentations from local mumtrepreneurs and working mothers so they can share their experience, successes and plans for the future. Our aim is to encourage collaboration between our attendees, something which has proved to be successful and of which we are very proud. We hold other events on a regular basis, including a good knees-up once a quarter or so.

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