Oobaloos Photography

Essence sessions are a subtle blend of both beauty and elegant boudoir that are tailored to you. Designed to empower Women, designed for you, by someone like you. I am a mum of one, who, like all of us, knows how different you feel after having a baby.

Once we’ve completed a marathon day of a million feeds, nappy changes, school run, homework, teatime and bath time, the last thing we feel is the best version of our selves, or the pre kids sexy version of ourselves!

An Essence shoot by Oobaloos Photography, is created to help you look and feel like the amazing, strong, warrior Woman that you are.

This is time for you, to be pampered, to feel good about yourself and to remember who you are whilst on this beautiful journey through Motherhood.


You will be treated like a celebrity for a few hours. Your hair and make up will be done by Amy the ‘Make Up Mama’ and I will greet you with a glass of fizz, have a look at your outfits, your style and talk about how the session will progress. After 5 minutes you will feel totally at ease, posing like a pro!

When you see the photographs for the first time, you will see what we see, the gorgeous person you are.

Sheryl x.


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