Learn, Laugh and Grow Together


Teddy-cation is a unique pre-school class in Warwickshire for 2.5 – 4 yr olds that provides Budding Brain (Buddies) with an opportunity to take part in a range of practical and rewarding activities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Teddy-cation combines education, with fun activities covering different skills in a range of curriculum subjects – English, Maths, Science, Art, Music, Physical Education, Personal, Social and Health Education to name a few. By covering different subject areas and skills, each lesson is a new and exciting experience pitched at an age appropriate level. These rich experiences and innovative ways of learning give parents practical ideas that could be used at home with their children and help prepare them for school life.


Teddy-cation classes follow a set structure with Teddy Neuron greeting each child, a brain warm up exercise, a mission set by Teddy Neuron, fun practical activities based on different subject areas, a self assessment activity to reflect on their learning, a sticker on their Super Hero Card and a goodbye high five from Teddy Neuron.


Each class runs for 45 minutes over the course of 10 weeks and has a maximum of 14 children attending each session. The last session is when Teddy Neuron’s Budding Brains (Buddies) graduate in a cape and mortar board to become Super Heroes themselves in the last week.

Classes run term time at these following venues:

Monday 1.45pm Radford Road Church Leamington Spa

Tuesday 10am Hatton Park Estate

Thursday 10am Warwick Gates Community Centre and 1.30pm The Kenilworth Centre


This class has been created by Becky Martin a mum of 5 year old twins and a teacher with over 17 years experience. She saw a gap in the market for a class that could create a foundation block to build upon for future learning, a class that didn’t already exist.


Here are a few things parents have said about the classes:


“This is definitely the best class I do with my daughter (2y9m) she talks about it all the time, knows the day it’s on and is always enthusiastic to go even on grumpy days…” Angela


“Fabulous class, well structured, educational and lots of fun. Lots of seasonal themes, with plenty of variety in the activities each week. My son loves to tell everyone about what he has been doing with Teddy Neuron each week and is always eager to go to class. Highly recommend.” Sarah


“We’ve just finished our 2nd term at Teddy-cation and I really can’t recommend this class highly enough. Every single session is beautifully creative, engaging and so well organised. I feel the classes are really helping prepare my August baby for starting school next year!” Laura






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