The Lion Sparkles

The Lion Sparkles is an irresistible online collection of accessories for women and children.

We are passionate about accessories. Accessorising is our happy place, and it’s why sourcing the most gorgeous, quirkiest and vibrant accessories for you is our mission.

Nothing else has the power to take an outfit from shock to rock in one simple step. Or make you feel majestic when you walk into a room with a statement piece pinned to your jacket. What else has the power to start a conversation where there’s no common ground!

So if you love to tread your own path, express your own style and take pride in making an outfit your own. Be your own hero: embrace the fun, stand proud, and be beautiful inside and out. The school run. The office. The supermarket. The commute.

No matter what your budget is, everyone has the ability to make their style their own, to be proud of who they are, to be unique and powerful.

The world’s your catwalk, Rock it sister!


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