Wee Bit Social



An Australian with a fascination for British culture and an obsession with Britpop I moved to the UK in 2006 and made Edinburgh my home. I had previously worked as a reviewer for small independent businesses and event organiser for a website alongside my day job.   But it was maternity leave that gave me the push I needed to build on these skills and after training with Digital Mums, Wee Bit Social was born in August 2016.

I decided when setting up Wee Bit Social that I wanted to focus solely on the social aspect of digital marketing. It’s a huge part of marketing that a lot of companies completely overlook and simply slot an intern in, thinking it’s a bit of faffing about on Facebook. When there are so many benefits to really utilising your social media channels, especially for small business who don’t have a huge glossy advertising budget. This is why I wanted to really focus in on this area and help small businesses, like my own to get their brand out there and get people talking about them. Social Media is the place to find great new places and talented people creating bespoke products.  How many times have you found a cool new coffee place or a gorgeous kidswear brand because you came across it on Instagram or recommended by a friend of a friend on Facebook?

Wee Bit Social is based in Edinburgh – the name kinda gives it away huh? But thanks to the power of Skype my clients have been as far flung as London and I am currently speaking with a small business in Australia. Wee Bit Social understands there isn’t a lot of time when you run your own business to deal with everything and that you may not have a huge budget to outsource everything. So we offer a 5 month kickstarter package, alongside longer, ongoing social management packages and bespoke business training, so that business owners can learn the tips and tricks to effectively run their own channels.

Social media for business doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it’s a way to advertise your brand and connect with customers. Wee Bit Social offers a completely personal service with fortnightly meetings, a structured strategy and campaign centered around your business goals and plans, as well as tips and tricks for you as a business owner, a monthly report is also included in the package. We recognise that each business is totally different and so we create a price plan and structure that fits you and allows you to get on with the day to day running of your business.




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