Why It’s Important To Remember It’s Your Business

by Maxine

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Hey Mamas, How are we feeling?

The first six months of 2019 done and the Summer Holidays have arrived (gulp).

I wanted to touch on a topic that is very important to me in this blog post because I am on a journey. My business is 3 years old in December and in October I celebrate 2 years of being on my business full time. So you could say I’ve reached a point. If I’m honest I felt like I’ve reached several “points” since becoming a business owner but there’s definitely been something of a shift in the last month or so.

Being my own boss, in control of my time, answering to no-one, in charge of my income, well determining how much I would love to earn, flexibility to be available more for my daughter, having something that was for me, using my brains and skills, helping others achieve – these were many of the reasons why I wanted to have my own business. As time has progressed on this crazy entrepreneurial journey these fundamentals still stand but what I have also learnt is that IT IS MY BUSINESS.

This has been the biggest thing of all because although I could say this to myself or even write it down on paper I would often fall into the trap of thinking I can’t do certain things.

– I can’t stop working at 1 pm
I need to go right the way till 5 pm

– I can’t take the day off because I feel like it
It needs to be for a reason.

– I can’t change things in my business
What would people think? Would they judge me?

– I can’t share that value
Someone else wrote something similar recently, I’m not them. They say it better.

My language was becoming a book of “can’ts” – all.the.time.

It’s like I had forgotten that I was in control. I was the decision-maker. There was no boss above me, no team of colleagues to run things by, and don’t get me wrong there are definitely some days where I feel I could benefit from them being there but that’s what business buddies are for, why was I forgetting a really important lesson.



When I first started the business and I started to feel overwhelmed my husband said to me.

“Bub, you control your business, it doesn’t control you”.

I’ve even said to this numerous clients yet I was forgetting this valuable lesson.

It is my business. It’s my business to run exactly how I want to. If I want to take a day off I can, if I want to change my approach, my audience, my offering I can. The world is my oyster because this baby is mine.

If you’re in a transitional period of your business or even if you’re brand new. I’ve got some tips from my learnings so far which will hopefully help if you are feeling like I was feeling.


1) Opinions are helpful but choose wisely.

Now, I’m not saying that opinions from people on the outside don’t matter because of course they do. It’s really valuable to talk things through with people you know and trust to give you honest and constructive feedback, especially if you are looking to make big changes but choose wisely. Choose people you trust, who know you, who know your work and your business.


2) Don’t be influenced into thinking what you do isn’t good enough.

That is a really big one, isn’t it? The comparisonitis, the imposter syndrome that we go through. The worst culprit actually is what we see on Instagram, that usually kick starts it all. We see something from someone, even someone we really like, maybe even know or admire and suddenly we feel like we’re inadequate or we’re not doing enough in our business, we’re not as good as they are.

Let’s be honest, that feeling is shit.

I don’t think there is one ultimate clear solution to completely eradicate that but what we can do is work on each and every time feel it happening. Firstly, get off the App or anyway from what’s made you feel like this. Take a breath and think rationally about everything YOU have done so far, what YOU have achieved and another brilliant one is to read through the amazing reviews or feedback YOU have received. Take a deep breath, give yourself a hug and get back to doing what YOU do best. There’s only one YOU.


3) Do what you want, it’s yours.

If you want to take a day off and to be honest you should because if you were employed you would be made to take holiday and this is one thing from my employed behaviour that I want to bring into my business. Time off is important. We need time off to recharge, regroup and come back stronger, refresh, revitalised. Being your own boss shouldn’t be any different. Don’t feel guilty and if you do plan it in advance at first so you can pre-plan your biz so you can have the time guilt-free.


I hope those tips help Mamas. Remember, it’s your business – your way. 100%.


Maxine x


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