Routine, Routine, Routine

by Sarah

The Life of Us



It struck me the other day how much of life is governed by routines, especially it seems around young children. Now, I’m not talking about do this routine and your baby/toddler/gang of unruly children will suddenly conform and start sleeping on a schedule, personally that’s not something I would strive for, but just our daily comings and goings.

My toddler has recently started occasionally having days when she doesn’t want a nap and this change in the routine has been a big shock to us all. She is so grumpy and tired in the late afternoon on the days she hasn’t napped and there is a strange period to fill where I feel we should be having a bit of quiet time, when she would’ve been napping, but she doesn’t quite seem to have got the memo! Thankfully this has been only a handful of occasions so far but I know the time is coming when she won’t have an afternoon nap (sob!) and we’ll need to settle into a new routine.


We are all creatures of habit..

…and I know for me personally routines help me keep on track so it is inevitable that routines play a big part on our daily lives when we are busy with young children. I’m all in favour of making life easier and hopefully a good routine will do just that. Often routines are aimed at making sure tasks are completed in a timely and consistent manner which is ideal for making sure amongst the chaos we eat, sleep, wash, clean etc on a regular basis.

However, that doesn’t mean routines need to be a mundane thing, I was thinking it might be nice to start some fun routines that can grow with my girls. After all, for me, these are often the basis of our childhood memories.

Some of my favourite memories are based around routines going to look for the sweets my Grandma always left in the same place when we visited, my Mum’s roast dinners on Sundays, getting to eat tea in front of the t.v. on Saturday’s, getting the bus with my Mum to go shopping rather going in the car which seemed so much more exciting. I want to create this for my girls.


Creating our own special routines

So often they involve people who are close to us and usually the best routines evolve organically without a conscious decision to undertake something in a particular manner. There is a huge amount of pressure from social media to be ‘making memories’ and producing a highlight reel of picture perfect moments. Hopefully I can find a happy place in the middle where we can create our own special routines, they may last 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years who knows?

They may just evolve out of the slightly chaotic haze of life with a toddler and a baby or perhaps I’ll try some ideas out and see how they fit for us. I’m thinking of keeping the routine of fun do-it-yourself snacks with story books on Friday afternoons, which we’ve enjoyed for the last 2 or 3 weeks, sounds like a good one to start with to me. Either way I hope my girls will remember the routines we establish with as much joy as I do my own childhood rituals.


Sarah x




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