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Bumps, Bairns and Buggies provide exercise classes for pre and post natal women. The classes encourage women to return to exercise safely following birth, taking guidance from information provided by women’s health physiotherapists. Face to face classes also provide mums and mums to be with the opportunity to meet other local mums.

Classes are kept varied and fun. The workouts focus mainly on bodyweight exercises, or minimal equipment so that they can be completed at home. Each class has a series of modifications so that all pre and post natal stages are considered.

Bumps, Bairns and Buggies also provides mums with key information when it comes to returning to running post natally, and has recently introduced a strength class for runners, with the post natal lady in mind. Through social media platforms, the benefits of exercise on maternal health are strongly advocated and the highs and lows of parenthood are spoken about openly and honestly.

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