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We run Pilates and Wellbeing services in St Albans and online.

Our sole intention is to spread the word to all women that pregnancy and postnatal exercise, wellness and nutrition is VITAL and LIFE CHANGING. The way you treat your body during the pregnant and postnatal years is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We want to teach as many women as we can how to look after their pregnant and postnatal bodies and how to connect to their body to enable them to exercise safely, effectively and in a way that is sustainable for the rest of their lives.

Our classes and online courses are for you if you want to:

* have a holistic approach to your health, addressing your movement patterns, your nutrition and your mindset
* reduce your risk of Pelvic Girdle Pain, lower back pain and general aches and pains from pregnancy and the postnatal period
* connect with your pelvic floor and core to help you avoid or work with any pelvic floor dysfunction or diastasis recti,
* feel supported and empowered by understanding your body better
* learn about your body and understand what will serve you and what won’t
* learn exercises that will help you during your pregnancy and postnatal recovery
* prepare for a positive birth experience, whatever type of birth that is
* have access to our directory of local experts to support you during your pregnancy and beyond
* meet other mums and mums to be

We are trained as Women’s Wellness Specialists with The Center for Women’s Fitness – the highest standard in pregnancy and postnatal exercise and between us have a whole host of training in the area of women’s health including with Burrell Education, The Active Birth Centre and The Guild of Pre and Postnatal Exercise. We are passionate about women’s health and have successfully rehabilitated Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, Pelvic Girdle Pain, sciatica, sacroiliac joint problems, disc issues and general back pain in the pre and postnatal period. We want to connect with you if you are pregnant or have EVER been pregnant (even if that was 20 years ago!) and are looking for advice and support in how best to stay active and connected to your body. If you have abdominal separation, pelvic floor issues (a little bit of wee is NOT normal!), are unsure how to manage pain when exercising then please get in touch as we believe we can help you!

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