About Mumming

Co-Working Community for Entrepreneurial WFH Mums!

We support a new generation of flexible working mums who want to do both – family and business, in a non-traditional way. We’re about creating a life you love where ‘work’ doesn’t feel like work in a thriving and friendly community of like-minded mums.

Are you a mum who works from home?

Need a bit of focus time with flexible childcare and some adult conversation?

Then Mumming’s #Fleximumming pop-up co-working sessions (currently in south-west London and Surrey) with a crèche are for you.

We are also launching the FlexiMum Collective- Online Co-Working club with a virtual meeting space.

We also run and curate monthly baby and child-friendly talks and workshops for mums that inspire and uplift.

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Lauren Roberts

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