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Bite-sized calm and wellbeing for mums

A gift for you or someone special

We understand that being a mum is tough. Exhausting and overwhelming.

Give yourself permission to pause. To soothe those frazzled nerves.

The Nourish App brings instant moments of calm at your fingertips. That much needed ‘time out’, that we all need to relax, restore and reboot.

​Mindful meditations, simple breathing exercises, psychology insights and much more, all-tailor made to mums.

Gift a Lifetime Subscription of “Premium Nourish” to yourself or a loved one.

A quick reset
The Nourish App is designed by women with two hats: we’re some of the country’s leading wellbeing professionals and are also mums who ‘get it’.

We also understand that it has to be quick. Time-poor is our middle name, and our needs usually go to the bottom of the pile.

The Nourish App is a collection of quick things you can do to find that balance again, to put your needs alongside those of your family. In just a few minutes, whenever works for you, you’ll feel better and more refreshed.

What’s Inside
Unlimited access to 200+ bite-sized, tailored wellbeing reads, audios and videos, plus the Nourish App community and our very popular daily notifications.

Navigated through 3 simple categories (Nourish, Feelings and Challenges), you’ll find a collection of 30 videos, 55 audios and 120+ quick reads.

Mindful meditations, simple breathing exercises, psychology insights and much more, all-tailor made to mums.

‘Free Nourish’ version is also available in the App Store or Google Play Store (search “The Nourish App”).

Lifetime Subscription

Gift yourself or a loved one, a Lifetime Premium Nourish.

Could you or a mum you know do with a boost? A chance to find more balance and joy within the chaos and pressures of motherhood?

Lifetime Premium Nourish offers access to ALL the amazing content and features on the Nourish App now and in the future to help mums relax, reset and restore.

55+ audios, 30 videos and 120+ short reads to ride the ups and downs of motherhood more smoothly.

A support team of wellbeing professionals, helping find more balance and joy in the chaos, pressures and turmoil of modern motherhood.

Buy Lifetime Subscription

– Head to The App Store / Google Play Store and download the free version of the app
– Create an account and send us your email address and phone number
– We’ll then set up your Lifetime Subscription
– Please allow 24 hours for completion of your order.

We look forward to seeing you or a loved one over in the App.

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