6 Ways to Set Your Online Presence Up for Parent-Attraction from Launch

by Saskia

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Building a business while raising kids is no small feat!

There’s so much to do without having to squeeze product development and social media management around nursery pick-ups and bedtime routines… Which is why it’s so crucial to get things right from the start. To give yourself a confident foundation and position your business to attract customers who are ready and eager to buy from you. Here are 6 ways to get yourself off to the best start:


1. Do your market research

Fastrack your business success by removing the guesswork of how to please your parent audience. Do the research and make sure you know exactly how your business can fit any gaps in the market or step up and outshine the competition. What do parents think of your current business concept? What are their current struggles? How can you make their life better?


2. Define your ideal parent customer

Once you know the potential of your product or service, it’s time to define the type of parent that will buy. Us mums aren’t all the same! Get clear on the sorts of parents you want to connect with. What are their pain points? What are their parenting philosophies? How do they talk to their kids? The more detail, the better.

A fully informed picture of your ideal parent customer will help you shape all your marketing communications more effectively so you can speak their language and make deep connections that foster a desire to buy from you!


3. Get clear on your vision

Save yourself time on procrastination and remove the need to ‘wing it’ by getting really clear on your big business vision. Dream big! Get clear on why you’re launching, what you want to achieve and what life will look like as you succeed. Think about the bigger impact for you, your family, and those kids, parents & families your business will bring joy to.

There will be times when carrying on in business is exhausting around family life, it’s key you have a good reason to keep going!


4. Get strategic with your marketing

You know you want your branding to look great, you know you want to build a loyal following who hang on your every social post… But how are you going to achieve it?! The answer is: a marketing strategy. Being strategic online means making sure you know exactly what your ideal parent customer wants & needs (hence the earlier research), considering your own goals (thank you, vision planning) and then creating marketing materials that perfectly align to satisfy the two!

Think social media posts that answer your customers unspoken questions, blog discussions that provide inspiration you know they need, and newsletters which round-up products in a way that’s quick, digestible and cleverly collated to showcase things they’ll wish they’d already discovered.


5. Don’t forget the behind the scenes

As you pour all your hard work into your customer facing business structure (your products, packaging, online presence…), don’t forget the behind-the-scenes elements so key to helping you build a long lasting platform to sell. SEO (search engine optimisation) is crucial as you launch your business website as well as getting yourself set-up with Google Analytics so you can keep an eye on what sources drive most traffic.


6. Be authentic, but don’t forget to sell

Once everything is in place – your products perfected, your website checked and your social platforms set-up – it’s time to press launch and start getting your business out there! After months (even years) of preparation, now is the time to step boldly into the spotlight and show your brand off with pride!



When you know who you are targeting, you can forget trying to please everyone and market your business with a confident authenticity that will be magnetic to your ideal parent customer! Show up, speak to the heart of the people who need you, and don’t forget to invite them to find out more.

Many mamas in business feel uncomfortable when it comes to actually promoting their money making products/services… But when you’ve set yourself up with a confident foundation, knowing how you will make lives better with your offering (and exactly who you are for), you can block out those naughty inner niggles and invite people to take a closer look with ease. Remember: there are parents out there who NEED what you sell! Don’t leave them without you.


Saskia x


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