Wow what a busy week!  I’ve had a trip to Italy, two trips to A&E, the in-law’s over, my toddlers molars are cutting through the gum and I fear my annual dose of tonsillitis is imminent. Finding the time to just finish a cup of tea has been a challenge to say the least.  This post is slightly late, but better late than never!  



Is it just me or is anyone else feeling a little… meh? 

Maybe it’s knowing that Trump is now one of the most powerful men in the world – and already demonstrating his immorality  – or maybe it’s the weather? Maybe it’s because it’s tax return season or maybe it’s because the rubbish man still hasn’t collected my rotting Christmas tree, which is festering outside the front door. 

Either way, I don’t enjoy feeling sluggish, so I decided to grab my melancholy by the horns and turn my frown upside down – by doing this, it made me look a little closer at my day-to-day routine. 

It seems a constitution has been formed in our household with regards to hierarchy – a structure that I’ve applied myself. The kids are at the top of the pecking order, my husband second and I’m coming in last.  I can now see why mama bear’s porridge was cold! 

When I got an email from my agency about a 24 hour round trip to Milan, I jumped at the chance.  It was about time I had a little ‘me’ time and I was going to use these 24 hours away to my advantage! 

I treated myself to dinner at the airport, I read an entire magazine on the flight, and actually managed to take a nap on the plane.  A baby starting crying a few aisles away from me – and I felt contented knowing I didn’t have to stand to attention.  Just these small ‘normal’ activities made me feel like a weight had lifted. 

Just like the safety instructions on an aeroplane – apply your own oxygen mask first before you help others.  When you are looked after, then you can look after others. 

So, I decided to start a new constitution at home – I needed to adjust a few things that work better for me.  Not just physically, but also mentally without it breaking the bank and being realistic. Try these seven simple changes over the weekend and see how they make a difference to you. 


1. Take a poo like a man 

I have given birth in a shorter amount of time than my husband has done a poo. Seriously what do they do in there? So – I’ve decided that when nature calls, and when my husband is at home, I will spend some quality time in the bathroom.  Maybe I’ll actually read that magazine I bought 2 weeks ago, send a few emails in peace, put my hair in rollers or attempt to apply false lashes (just because I have the time). 


2. Buy yourself a bunch of daffodils 

Cheap and cheerful – literally. They cost £1, bloom within a few hours of being in water, remind you that spring is on it’s way, and their yellow colour shines with happiness.  Fresh flowers are such a wonderful joy to have in your eye sight at home – and buying flowers is always a pleasurable gift to yourself – you deserve it! 



 3. Light that scented candle 

I’m a massive fan of Diptique and Jo Malone candle’s. I usually ask them as gifts when it’s my birthday or Christmas and generally only light them on special occasions.  But why did I need an excuse to light them?  They make me feel so calm and tranquil (something all us mama’s need) so I now light them just for me, even if it’s on a non-descript Monday evening and I’m watching crap on TV.  The fragrant smells that dance around the room even make the squashed raisins in the rug less irritating. 



4. Have a separate washing basket for your clothes 

Laundry.  It never ends.  Ever.  Sometimes I wonder if there are more people living with us that I’m unaware of due to the amount of laundry I do.  The daily conveyor belt of dirty clothes from all my boys naturally means that mine are left at the bottom of the laundry basket.  Dare I say it, there have been occasions where I’ve had to dig deep and pull out my favourite pair of jeans and use a baby wipe to clean them before a night out.  So, now I have my own laundry basket.  I can manage my clothes much better, I actually feel a sense of joy, togetherness and triumph when I see my clothes looking so fresh and clean. 



5. Buy yourself these two make-up products  

Summer is still quite far away (sob) and we all know we look better with a tan. Don’t wait until summer to get that sun-kissed look and invest in  Nars Laguna bronzer.  This bronzing powder creates a natural looking glow which enhances or creates the look of tanned skin with a golden shimmer to create an all-over warmth and contour for the entire face.  It also fills in lines and pores for smoother looking skin.  Sold! 


Something that I cannot live without is Benefits Benetint stain blush.  It’s a rose-tinted stain which can be applied to the cheeks and lips and lasts for hours.  As it’s a stain it looks completely natural when applied to the cheeks and the perfect ‘2 shade darker’ rule on the lips.  It takes seconds to apply – always a bonus when you’re in the hectic morning school run routine, yet makes one look like they have their shit together.  Also, whenever I wear it, my husband says I look nice.  My mass Amazon order of it should be arriving later today.  hehe. 





6. Listen to your favourite music – loudly! 

I sometimes find myself listening to the utter irritation of childrens TV whilst doing laundry or general chores around the house when my son isn’t even paying attention to it.  Hearing the shrill, continuous and ear-splitting babble can be really exasperating and stressful.  In these circumstances, I turn the TV off and put on my favourite album – and play it LOUDLY.  Music that my husband would roll his eyes at and would never let me play in public (Taylor Swift/Beyoncé/Girl’s Aloud for example).  It actually makes me stop what I’m doing, pick up my son and dance around the kitchen together.  The endorphin rush, playtime (and exercise) beats any episode of Paw Patrol.


7. Give less fucks 

I’m in the middle of reading ‘The life changing magic of not giving a fuck’ – and I love it.  It’s a good reminder not to sweat the small stuff and give less fucks about certain things.  Looking forward to shutting my laptop down, slipping into bed and reading the next chapter (whilst leaving my mobile in the kitchen – my new years resolution is still standing strong).


So there you have it – I’d love to know what you think of these seven simple and realistic ‘things’ you can do TODAY to make yourself feel slightly more paramount. 

You are amazing.  Remember that. 

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Louise x 

p.s – if none of the above work for you, buy wine instead.  Instant winner.