Social Media Content – What You Need To Know!

by Sarah

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What you need to know!

Client’s often come to me wondering why their social media channels are not performing as well as they’d hoped, given they had spent time and effort creating and posting content, yet they hadn’t yielded the results they had hoped.

First and foremost, if you are coming across too sales orientated by pushing products and services post after post, your followers will get fatigued and may even stop following altogether. You should think about social media as a place to build your brand awareness and create an engaged community of followers. Only then will they be interested in what you are promoting or trying to sell to them.

In order to understand what content you should be posting, you first of all need to understand who your ideal client is. Spend a little time thinking about this. What is your niche and unique selling point? What makes you different from your competitors? How can your products and services benefit your ideal customer? What are their pain points that you can help with or solve?

With this in mind, it’s time to start thinking about what content your client’s would like to see, not what you think you should be posting. Every single post should fall into one of three categories:


  • Inform/educate
  • Inspire
  • Entertain
Social Media Content

Your posts should have a purpose and if your content is not giving value to your audience then they will soon get bored and unfollow.. followers can be pretty fickle!

A good idea is to create a content calendar which covers a variety of subjects within your chosen field. Some ideas include:

  • Hints and tips within your specialism
  • A shout out to another small business you admire and why
  • A behind the scenes snippet of your work-space
  • Something motivational that your audience can identify with
  • A throwback pic where your audience can get to know you

By planning ahead of time, you will effectively save time later on and your content will have more thought, purpose and meaning behind it. I use an app called Preview to help me build my Instagram feed ahead of time and curate my grid so I am happy with the aesthetic before it goes live.


Consumers now expect a lot more from the accounts they follow;

They will not only follow you for what you do and offer, they will follow because they like you and are inspired by you. They want to get to know the personality behind the brand so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there a little more! People on the whole are pretty nosy; they actually do care where you buy your morning coffee, what’s your favourite cleaning product range and those cute pics hanging in your hallway…where are they from please?

Your content should be eye-catching, brand reflective and encourage engagement. Make sure you mix up your content with a variety of images, video and live content. Be consistent and post regularly – It will keep your audience engaged and the algorithm will also reward you!

Don’t forget to use the Instagram Stories function too – if you have avoided this until now then you are missing out big time! There are over 500 million daily active users on Stories and it’s a fantastic way to build brand loyalty, showcase your personality and promote your products or services.

I hope you have fount these tips useful. If you are still scratching your head and are feeling a little lost I have created an Instagram Content Challenge for the month of June. Share a post each day – it can be a photo, video or live content on your grid or Stories relating to the daily task. Use the Hashtag #peppermintsocialjune and tag us @peppermintsocial – I hope you’ll join me!



Sarah x


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