7 Easy Steps To Boost Your Instagram Game

by Veronica


Easy steps to boost your Instagram game!

It’s not a secret that since Facebook bought Instagram, it may seem more like a business for everyone. Every influencer and those in the rise now are facing the consequences of the dreaded algorithm but in reality, it’s helping people to have authentic interaction and genuine engagement with their audiences.

Let’s put it this way if you are having a conversation with 5 people and only 1 is talking to you, wouldn’t that be uncomfortable? It’s similar to Instagram, you can have 1000 followers and only be talking to 30, which is less than 5% of a good engagement rate that you can monetise with your clients.

In the media business clients look for influencers who show that their voice matters and is being heard and that their brand is going to get the reach they want on top of other traditional media.

So for your voice to be heard on Instagram you need engagement, to beat the algorithm and make your audience interact with you to be on top of the audience’s feed.

Here are 7 easy steps that will help you to get better scores with the Instagram algorithm:


1. Special Giveaway.

Yes, it’s that simple. You have probably been a part of a few giveaways already, these do work, not only to attract people that haven’t heard about your brand but soon you will also begin to build your audience and start a long-term relationship. People always ask to tag a few people, comment in the post, like, it’s all part of having a good score in the algorithm and be more visible to others. Invest a little bit in advertising for 3 days to expand your reach during the giveaway (from GBP 30-50).


2. Your profile pic & Bio must talk about you.

Brief summary with a few words about you/your business and add hashtags and the URL to a site. People nowadays can find accounts who include hashtags on their bio information, so own one!



3. Instagram Stories for Storytelling

As Instagram gives you the opportunity to summarise and do a quick story telling of your content DO IT! Use the Instagram stories in your favour and start talking to your audience, create questions, interact with them, guide them through your content, take them to your site, show them a quick “day in the life”, be more personal.


4. Make the best of the 30 Hashtags.

You are allowed to use 30 hashtags maximum, so make the best out of this, use those with high popularity but remember to own one and tag all your pictures with it, that way people will find you easier.



5. Be consistent.

Building up an audience that will feedback to your content takes time and consistency. You don’t have to post every 3 hours, but every other day will do. Keep the consistency on the conversation, design, pictures, filters, theme and content.



6. Interact.

I cannot stress this more, interact with your audience, if they comment something on any post, reply back, challenge them, like their comments, take positive and constructive feedback in your favour, in the end this will help the algorithm.


7. Be you!

Easy, just be yourself, be unique, be original. Express your personality through your images and content. Don’t be a copy cat.


Now let’s get creative!


Veronica x