When does too much get “too much”?

Hey Mamas,  


I have absolutely loved reading the recent features for the Stress Bites campaign from fellow Mama Tribe members. It’s so important to raise awareness that stress affects everyone and the more we talk about it the more “normal” everyone realises that it is.

Following on from this campaign I am going to be talking about something in this post that may shock you! Especially coming from a self-

confessed digital geek. But it’s really important so here we go.


“Turn off your phone”

These were the words said to me by my husband the other week. He didn’t say it in a nasty way or anything like that. It was more highlighting to me that sometimes, more often than not, my little device is in my hand and I’m switched on…to it and not anything else around me.

Being a business owner means that I need wear so many hats to keep my business going. I don’t have other teams to fall back on to pick up the slack when I’m not feeling well or if I go on holiday. But sometimes it can creep into my family time/personal time more than it should and it’s okay to shut down.

I think because we are the figure heads of our business we feel that we can’t shut down. We can’t turn our phones off but we really can. Business will not fall apart if I don’t answer an email at 10pm at night – something which I have actively avoided doing by the way from the get-go. It also won’t suddenly die if I don’t post on Instagram for a week. I don’t know how we’ve fallen into that mindset but it happens and suddenly it’s taking control. We need to pull it back so here’s some tips on doing that.



Set your boundaries

You are your own boss, you don’t have to confirm to 9-5 timing anymore, or be chained to your desk for 9 hours straight. You control your day. It’s time to take that control back. Give yourself the times you want to work and then once you’re done, you’re done. Turn off email notifications on your phone after you log off because other people don’t expect a reply at midnight, unless you often give then replies at midnight.


Put your out of office on

Every Thursday at 4.30pm my out of office goes on. I am done for the week and it’s time to enjoy my time with my daughter on a Friday. The same with having your opening times on your website and email signature. Pop those on, then if people want to see why they haven’t got a reply they can, right there in your signature and soon they’ll learn that you won’t be replying when you’re not in the office – and don’t – it’s tempting, but don’t.


Give yourself down time

Every night at 8pm my phone goes off. That’s right, not silent, but full blown off and doesn’t spring to life again until the morning. The world will still turn, the business will still keep going and you can be present and enjoy your evening after bedtime routines, dinner etc.
I’ve even followed something that I believe I read from Fearne Cotton and she doesn’t even turn her phone on in the morning until after she has done the kids breakfasts, the nursery run and sat and eaten her breakfast – I love this, actually gives my brain time to get into gear in the morning without going straight into work mode.



I am definitely trying to put more and more of these into practice because I realise that being my own boss can be really consuming from all areas and if I’m not careful I then miss out on all the things that I wanted to benefit from by starting my own business. Hopefully, I am not alone.
The most important thing is to be kind to yourself and switching off can help you do that, reset your mind and give you some headspace.


If you have any further tips, I’d love to hear. Feel free to message me via my Facebook Page or by emailing hello@digitalbonbons.com



Maxine x

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