Lessons from the ‘Burden Basket’

By Lis

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The ‘Burden Basket’

I’d like to share with you a simple and practical spiritual concept known as the ‘Burden Basket’ which helps us let go, open our hearts and trust in ourselves, our relationships and the experiences that life serves us, so that we can grow and learn, expand our potential and live with a little more joy and peace.

As a women, as mums and small business owners we are members of a “tribe”. With many people in our lives, demands to meet and pressures to live up to, as well as hurdles and challenges to overcome – it’s understandable that we let our heads get ahead of our hearts. But when we do, we tend to want to control outcomes and situations, force issues and forget the real reason why we started something in the first place. In this ‘mode’ we get stressed, tired, stop learning and growing and actually limit our potential.

With so much going on, it takes a great deal of inner strength to be a member of a tribe and to live life in a well-balanced state, where we feel happy, calm, creative and peaceful. But believe me when I tell you – we all deserve and owe it to ourselves to be in this state as much as possible. For when we are, we feel happy, rested and in balance and in a place to serve our tribe wholeheartedly and fully.


How can it help?

OK, so how can the ‘Burden Basket’ help? The ‘Burden Basket’ is an ancient yet simple tool used by Native American tribes’ women. The tribes’ women used ‘Burden Baskets’ to gather wood for their tribes, for cooking fires and heating lodges, but here’s the magic – they were never asked or expected to carry more than their ‘Burden Basket’ could handle. When the basket wasn’t in use it was hung outside the home to serve a different purpose.

Before a visitor crossed the threshold, all burdens were to be placed in the ‘Burden Basket’ outside. Visitors would leave their complaints and problems outside – as it was impolite to bring those troubles into the Sacred Space of the family you were visiting.

The overriding philosophy of the basket is that it guides us draw from our own inner-strength and become self-reliant, to trust in ourselves to find our own answers by simply letting go and trusting in life. It teaches us some great lessons for dealing with our own difficulties and challenges and supporting others with theirs…


1. Surrender

Let go and have faith. Problematic issues, circumstances and situations (burdens) are metaphorically placed in the basket for resolution. The only way to let go, is by having faith and trusting that solutions will appear effortlessly and in the correct time.


2. Trust in yourself

While the concept of the basket teaches us to let go, it also teaches us not to leave our troubles at the door of another. If we are relying on ourselves and our connection to something greater than ourselves (the universe, god, love, angels – whatever speaks to you) to resolve an issue we become self-reliant.


3. Respect the wisdom of others

The rules of the basket ask us to be respectful. I.e. if we seek counsel of another, we should listen to, respect and honour the wisdom shared with us, instead of wasting the time of other people.


4. It’s not your job to solve the problems of others

In doing so, we rob other people of their right to self-reliance. It takes a strong heart to feel compassion for the burdens of others and not to take the burdens on as our own.


5. Use your talents to find your own solutions

While we make our way through our own lifetime, we only carry the burdens we wish to. If we see challenges and obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow, we can begin to get to know ourselves and our talents and expand our potential. If we find pleasure or feel important because of having a lot to handle, then we need to take a look at our ideas of self-importance.



I really hope you find your own ‘Burden Basket’ for working with life’s challenges, setting some healthy boundaries and living more peacefully, joyfully and in a little more balance.

Check out more at: www.pranamamayoga.co.uk

With love to you as you make your way through

Lis Xxx


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