The Power of Intention: Sod Resolutions Set Intentions

by Cori Javid


Ah the New Year.

New Year, New You.

Full of promises. Fresh resolutions.

But I have a suggestion for something different this year:

Instead of swearing off chocolate or gin (which we know won’t last right, and those are some of the little things that make life that tiny bit more fun), how about this:

Set an intention – not a resolution – for your business.


What’s the difference, you may ask?

Well, to me, an intention is less about giving something up, more about making something happen.

For example, when I started my business, I set out with an intention to create something that was:

  • Flexible (if I couldn’t work around my family and be the kind of present mother I like to be, it wasn’t going to work for me)
  • Fulfilling (having spent 10+ years in the corporate world, I was ready for something that lit me up, rather than made me feel indifferent at best and soul destroying at worst)
  • Profitable (to me, the whole point of owning my own business was that no one else was capping my earning potential).


My intention, in a nutshell, was to have it all.

I was sick of this story that as mothers and business owners that we had to compromise: time with the family OR making great money.

I was sick of this story that gets constantly perpetuated, that we have to sacrifice if we want to achieve success.

That intention burned bright inside me, keeping me powering on in the early days before I had even launched my business.

And that intention kept me on course because it became the lens through which I made decisions in life and business.

You see, this intention was something I really WANTED.

Rather than a resolution which is, most of the time, about doing something we kind of think we should do but don’t really want to do (if we’re being honest).


And did this intention pan out for me?


Within 3 months of launching my business, I had replaced my corporate salary. Within 7, I had doubled that and I haven’t looked back since; 5-figure months now being my new norm.

OK, so those are the flashy money results, but here is what I think is the best part:

I achieved all this while working a max of 25 hours a week, often less.

AND I achieved this doing work that doesn’t feel like work because I love it so much.


You see: intention is a powerful thing.

If you’re ready to ditch the short-lived resolutions and set yourself a powerful intention, here are my top tips:

  1. Think about how you want your life to be. Define what success means to YOU. Set your intention based on that.
  2. Decide on your terms. Are there any things that are non-negotiables for you? One of mine, for example, was only ever working 25 hours a week at most.
  3. Put your intention somewhere that you can see it. A post-it note on your computer screen, a framed print, your desktop or phone wallpaper (or both!). The point is to keep it front of mind and to always be working towards its fulfilment.
  4. Get support. We can’t do this alone and I’d go so far as to say it’s unhealthy to even try. For me, in the early days of my business, support looked like hiring my own coach (yes, I’m a Success Coach but you can’t coach yourself!), becoming part of Mama Tribe and getting a cleaner to help out around the home. Since then that has expanded to a team of 3 VAs and an accountant. Decide what support you need to make your intention happen and set about securing it.
  5. Make some changes. As the quote goes, “what got you here won’t get you where you want to go”. So have a think about what you did in 2018, and what you will need to do differently in 2019 if you want bigger, better results. If you want to see that intention come to life.

When you’ve set your intention, it’s time to declare it loud and proud! Tag me (@corijavid) and Danni (@mamatribeuk) on Instagram and tell us about your intention.

We want to cheer you on and celebrate with you when you achieve it!


Cori x


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