Using Your Camera Phone This Summer To Keep The Kids Entertained

by Lisa

Little Beanies 



Hi, I’m Lisa from Little Beanies Photography…

…specialising in Bumps, Newborns, Babies and Families using natural light in your own home or your favourite location. I always want it to be fun, relaxed and enjoyable on every shoot with Little Beanies and most of all keep it real.

Having two boys of my own aged 2 and 4, I’m very quickly understanding the real-life juggle of parenting and work and how the holidays come about so quickly. I’m finding it so hard to think of things to do without everything costing a fortune too. I often let my kids go a bit crazy with my camera phone or I have a VTech Kidizoom camera too which they often play with. I thought I’d pass on my ideas and help you keep your kids entertained for not very much money this Summer.


1) Go bug hunting.

My boys love going into the garden and looking for creepy crawlies. Take it one step further and get them to take photos of them when they find them. Trust me they love it and if you print them off too they love looking back and learning about each little insect they find.


2) Take a selfie.

Hey, why not! Pull funny faces and laugh and shout. This can entertain them for hours. Don’t forget to delete the bad ones though or you’ll end up with a phone full!! If you use something like Instagram you can do all sorts of things now with rabbit faces etc.


3) Get them to take a picture of you (or other siblings) or both.

If you get them to direct you it’s quite funny! My four-year-old loves to tell me what to do (as most kids do!) say cheese! Laugh mummy! Do a grumpy face! Need I go on. You’ll be surprised at how good they are.


4) Favourite Place 

Between you decide on your favourite place or trip somewhere and document it as a family. The beginning, the middle and the end. They learn about telling a story as well as having fun taking photos along the way.


5) Create an album

Depending on their age you can then create a little album using a really simply online tool such as Photobox (who always have discounts by the way). And there are plenty of apps too which make really cool little moments photo books for not very much. This is a great way to remind you of the fun times you had and the more you involve the kids the more special it becomes.



I hope this helps you keep the little ones entertained for a little bit anyway. It’s so easy when you have a little camera everywhere you go to create fun and memories at the same time.

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Hope you’re enjoying the Summer.

Lots of love


Lisa x