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I often say that health is so much more than nutrition. You can eat the most healthiest diet in the world but if you’re stressed and not sleeping you’ll still feel run down, have low energy and probably a low mood too.
Looking after yourself is so important, taking time just for you. And that becomes even more tricky when you’re a Mum, when you’re juggling the cleaning, work, the kids and everything else.

Doing things for me

This week I did two things for myself that were a bit different to usual, I sent myself some beautiful flowers from Bloom & Wild and I went to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak in London as well.
There were other things that I did as well that form part of my usual rituals like yoga but these two things were the things that stood out, a bit different. It sounds so indulgent putting it into writing that I sent myself flowers and a little bit ridiculous too, but they were beautiful and just what I wanted in that moment.
With the Elizabeth Gilbert workshop, it was something I’d booked months ago (when I didn’t realise it was Royal Wedding day!). I always feel a little bit guilty leaving the family, this is just normal, we all feel it, it’s about not giving in to it or letting it stop you from doing things. Usually when I’m on my way I relax in to it.
That day gave me some much needed time to myself, not only was it incredibly inspiring but I had space, to be just me – not a Mum, a wife, a work colleague, or nutritional therapist, just to be me.

So I want to ask you this – what have you done for YOU lately?

I realise that these are quite big things that I’m talking about but they don’t have to be big. Taking yourself off for a coffee to read your favourite magazine, having a relaxing bath once the kids have gone to bed (perhaps with some candles and oils), or enjoying your favourite bar of chocolate all by yourself.
And start where you’re at – I know it’s not easy to find the time. You may need to ask for some help, someone to look after the kids (and I know that’s not easy too) but just take one step.

My next question for you is – what it is you need right now?

Don’t think about it too much, just trust whatever comes up. And I challenge you to make that happen, for you.
It’s up to us to look after ourselves, to ask for help when we need it and to carve out the time wherever we can. I have found it easier as the kids get older and it took me a long time after my first to make these things happen. Interestingly I managed to find more time after I had my second, I think because I actually needed it more with two kids.
Do something for you this week.


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