Ways to Warm Up Your Email List in January

by Maxine

Digital Bonbons



Hey Mamas,

We’ve had a Christmas break and now we are back. Smack bang and in a brand new decade! Crikey.

If you and your business took a break over the Christmas period (I hope you had a good one) and you’re now ready to get back to it all I’m sharing tips in this blog about warming your email list back up! It’s a super quick 5 minute read Mamas so let’s go.



1) Cleanse your list

I think it’s always great to start a brand new year with all the feels of a new start by doing a cleanse. Have a look at the past emails you’ve sent and run a report to see who hasn’t opened the last 6 for example – now this does depend on how often you email, and if you email regularly like once a month this is a good place to start but if you’re being really sporadic with it, without any structure etc, then you might need to kick start that first and do this exercise in 6 months time.

If people haven’t opened your last 6 campaigns then you need to cleanse. You want a list of engaged openers and clickers. And a way you can do this is by….


2) Send a re-engagement campaign

You could draft an email, stating you know they haven’t opened your emails for a while and do they still want to be on your list, then give them a super easy way to unsubscribe if not. After this, if they still haven’t opened you can just remove them from your list. Of course, you could choose to do this in the first place, depends how you want to interact with your list and your customers, sometimes they just need a little reminder through a crowded inbox.


3) Say Hello

After taking some time out it’s always great to reconnect and say hello again, so why not pop a nice little Happy New Year message over to your email list to say you’re back, business is back open and what’s going on in your January.


4) Start talking about it again

It’s great that you have people on your list but of course we’d like to build more so make sure when you start communicating with your audience again after the Christmas period you are mentioning your mailing list to them and why they would find it of value to join.


5) Set up your plan

When getting back into the swing with your email marketing but writing down your plan for it. How often are you going to send emails to your list, what will you say? Have you got all the important sales and product launched dates covered or offers and services you’re doing? Making a plan will keep this fire burning and your list alive.



If you’ve enjoyed those tips I’d love to know which one you’ve put into practice for your email list – let me know via hello@digitalbonbons.com and if you’d like to find out more about how I can help you marketing your business online , please visit me over at www.digitalbonbons.com.


Maxine x


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