What’s Your Style!

by Janine

Own Your Own Style

What’s your style!

Do you know what your signature style is?

Finding and developing your own personal style that is authentic to you is the key to feeling confident. Just a small personal detail can make a big difference and it needs to be a look that reflects your personality and one you feel great wearing.
As a Style Coach and Image Consultant, I take clients through my step by step styling process to help them confidently define their own signature style with a wardrobe of clothes that make them look and feel great.



Step 1
Learn to love yourself first

Being kind to yourself both physically and mentally is the first step to style. It’s really important to make time every day to be kind to you! Mental health is as much a priority as our physical health and in the age of digital technology and social media overload, we should all make more ‘me time’, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day to relax, reflect and recharge.


Step 2
Know your Style Personality

We all have a style personality – do you know yours? Through understanding and applying what you really love to wear, what makes you feel confident and what authentically defines you and your personality, you’ll gain the confidence to wear what you love.

Which style do you think best reflects you and your style personality, are you?

Classic – You prefer timeless elegance for any occasion. You prefer to purchase quality and will have firm classic favourites in your wardrobe.

Natural – Comfort is key to you and you don’t like to be too formal. You prefer a casual look. Shopping isn’t your priority. You like relaxed, easy-going and fuss free style.

Dramatic – You are fashion conscious and like to make a big entrance with a wow factor, you follow the latest fashion trends, love to reinvent yourself and can often make impulse buys!

Romantic – You love floaty fabrics and feminine styling. You like boho chic, pastels. You prefer chiffon, ruffles, puff sleeves, silk, diamonds and pearls. Your appearance is naturally radiant.

Creative – For you, the rules of fashion don’t apply – anything goes and you have creative fun with your choices. You love to experiment with your own style. Your appearance is unique using lots of pattern and colour. You like to mix and match high street with designer.



Step 3
Understand your Body shape

I have never had two clients with exactly the same shape. Your body shape is wonderfully unique to you! By understanding your body shape you can learn to dress to accentuate your best parts and balance your proportions.

Which body shape are you?

Triangle – Your hips are wider than your shoulders and you tend to carry your weight on your thighs and bottom. You have a defined waistline. Styling Tips: You want to accentuate your shoulders and draw attention to your upper body and your great waist. Avoid fussy pockets around the hip area which will add bulk.

Inverted Triangle – Your shoulders are wider than your hips. You have an athletic look – you may wear a larger size on top. You will most probably have great legs. Styling Tips: Draw attention to your lower body and create volume in this area to balance the body shape. A-line skirts, pleated or a similar shape work well. Keep shoulder pads and puff sleeves to a minimum.

Round – Tend to carry weight on the tummy area. No defined waist. Will have a larger bust. Styling Tips: Dress with layers and find materials that skim over the tummy area. Wear darker colours on the bottom half. Avoid wearing larger very loose-fitting clothes.

Hourglass – Hips and bust are in proportion to each other and will have a well-defined waist. Can be conscious of gaining weight on tummy area! Styling Tips: Deemed the ideal body shape, so accentuate with well-fitted clothes. Avoid creating an imbalance to your proportions though!

Rectangle – Hips and shoulders are a similar width. No defined waist. The bust is small to average. Styling Tips: This is one of the easiest body shapes to dress. Create the curves by defining your waist – a belt Is your best friend! Avoid shapeless clothes and styles. Every body shape is unique, so these tips are for general guidance only.


Step 4
Wear your WOW colours!

Colour plays such an important part of our lives. The colours we wear not only affect us and our mood but the people around us too. Did you know that blue is the colour of trust and calm and is great to wear for communication? Wearing the right colours can make you look younger, more vibrant, and healthier. Wearing the wrong colours can do the opposite.



Step 5
Carry out a Wardrobe Reboot – Sustainability is key!

Make sure the wardrobe you open every day only contains clothes you love to wear and fit you currently! Take time to co-ordinate pieces you already have together and make a list of any gaps you need to fill. Sustainability in fashion is a hot topic right now and something we should all take into consideration. Carry out your own wardrobe reboot making sure any items you no longer require are sent to a charity shop, sold on a preloved online site or are recycled.


Step 6

Before you impulse buy anything (again) take a few moments and ask yourself?

  1. Do I have something similar in my wardrobe?
  2. Does the piece suit my body shape and style?
  3. Is this a great addition to my wardrobe?
  4. Can I style it more than three ways?
  5. Can I see myself wearing it in a year or even two years?
    And finally – do I LOVE it?

If so head to the checkout and enjoy your new style!

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Stylishly Yours

Janine x