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By Lis

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Moving into 2019

I really hope this wee note finds you and your family relaxed and rested having enjoyed some quality time together over the festive period – however that looks in your house!

As we move into 2019. I invite you to throw away your lists of new year resolutions and simply do nothing! Yes, nothing!

Instead of being on a mission to re-vamp your exercise regime, nutrition, style choices, career path, family status etc., what if I told you that the biggest positive change can come from doing absolutely nothing, letting go and letting life in all its glory (good and bad) lead
the way?


Let’s think about this…

…Why do you need to ‘do’ anything at all, when you’re amazing as you are and with all of the love and wisdom that you need for today and the year ahead within you?

It stands to reason that you’re probably going to feel better, and your friends and family are going to enjoy being around you, if you simply continue to be your wonderful self instead of exerting unnecessary pressure on yourself to be better, do more, achieve this or look like that.

But if I could just get in shape, cook an array of interesting, yet healthy meals from around the world that suit the whole family every week, get that promotion, earn a bit more money then I’d be happy, oh and while I’m here why doesn’t my living room look like the front
cover of ‘House Beautiful’ when it only takes 10 easy steps?!


Why wouldn’t you want these things?

You deserve and are entitled to be happy after all! These days we’re bombarded with advice and images from the media portraying effortless ‘perfection’. The ‘peer pressure-cooker’ is permanently set on high, with social media feeds leading us to believe that if life isn’t all ‘cupcakes and rainbows’, then something is far wrong.

It’s near impossible to turn a blind eye – I’ll admit to being completely guilty of getting caught up in all of it and wanting many of those things myself. But why do we do let it happen when it’s so obvious? Because like you, I’m human, and as human beings our
instinct is survival. While survival looks very different to the old ‘hunter-gatherer’ persona these days, whether we like it or not we’re hard-wired to up our game, and if we don’t then we often feel we’ve failed in some way or that we could do better.


It’s no easy task bringing up a family…

…paying the bills and navigating life as it changes the goal posts at every turn. Excuse the generalisation here, but I doubt you have a private chef, stylist or personal assistant to help you manufacture the seemingly effortless
perfection we all appear to be working so hard to achieve.

With this in mind, I invite you to join me in doing ‘nothing’ (or if you really want to ‘do’ something, then make it a reflection or even a celebration of all of your positive achievements from the year and don’t forget to show yourself some kindness and compassion for being human and surviving another year – well deserved.)


‘Are you sure there isn’t a catch?’

I hear you say. Well, let me share with you what I mean by doing ‘nothing’…

Making time for a little bit of ‘nothing’ or spending time in stillness every day is where the ‘magic’ lies and where the greatest and most positive shifts in our lives come from.

Being still every day enables us to tune into our innate and ever-present quality of being, which is ultimately kind, loving, forgiving and wise. In stillness, we grow familiar with the essence of who we are and what we’re here to do – which is to live in harmony with nature,
and to live a life of purpose for the greater good of ourselves, our families and our communities.

When we spend time doing nothing, in real stillness (not just lying on the sofa mindlessly watching box sets and eating chocolate – that is actually ‘doing’ something and there is a time for that), our imperfections and vulnerabilities make themselves known. These are
what our minds are usually crying out for us to fix or ignore (with an exercise regime, a promotion, a designer living room etc.) but when we let those little golden nuggets reveal themselves to us, they show us who we really are and what we really need.

When we begin to see those awkward parts of ourselves as ‘helpful’ or positive, we begin to love and accept all aspects of ourselves. Then somehow, as if by magic, the things that we really need to take action on become obvious and the things that don’t simply fall away.

So, this year my resolution is to do more ‘nothing’ and to be open to all that that brings, and I really hope you will join me in this today and in the years ahead.

With love for a peaceful and healthy 2019!


Lis Xxx


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